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BB’s RR – what’s its story?

BB’s RR – what’s its story?
Earlier in this first week of 2017 we saw some of the ‘Best Cars in the World’, also known as Rolls-Royces. And today’s Friday Lady is no exception. Yes, that is Brigitte Bardot on a snowy Alp road in one such machine (who needs a flying lady with her behind the wheel?). Bardot has of course been photographed with more exotic machinery than can be seen at your average motor show. But the Rolls supposedly was her own, and we’d love to learn a bit more about the car in question. It is believed to be a long wheel based Silver Cloud II that was coachbuilt by Chapron of Paris. Seen here again at the same Alp road back in 1966. And this may well be the same car, too, despite its white colour. This one should have nothing to do with it, or did she have it converted again?

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Paris Match / Life)

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