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BMC's Super Sixes

BMCs Super Sixes

Take another look at the two handsome 1950s saloon cars in this photograph. If they were Italian we would be falling over ourselves to heap praise on those handsome lines, silky-smooth six-cylinder engines and plush interiors… In fact, they are seriously overlooked by most enthusiasts – can you even name them both? – because they are British and belong to the dark days of badge-engineering, cost-cutting and compromise in the British car industry.

Open your mind, however, and you’ll soon discover the merits of the Riley 2.6 and Wolseley 6/90. At the heart of each is the flexible, refined 2369cc C-series engine that became the mainstay of BMC’s top-of-the-range cars for decades. Despite what one might think, they have quite different characters, too. The Riley is sportier, a little flashier than the slightly austere Wolseley. The latter model was beloved by Britain’s police forces, which tells us a lot about its abilities.

In the latest issue of The Automobile, Martin Buckley takes the opportunity to reassess these maligned motor cars.

Photographs by Neil Godwin-Stubbert



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