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Driving straight through time

Driving straight through time
When new meets old things previously considered ‘classic’ all seem very relative. The subjects of our classic car hobby actually are almost brand new compared to the scenery in the Via Hellenica, which is about to start this weekend. Driving your classic car through these ancient surroundings must be quite something. We did cross these age-old paths just once (with a modern car for heaven’s sake) and felt a bit like zooming in a UFO through history. It has to be better in a drop top classic TR5 as seen above, though.

It’s an attractive package. Things start with a car train from Düsseldorf to Verona with the remaining 370 kms to Ancona to drive to the actual start. From there there’s a ferry to the archaeological site of Olympia to get in the mood, after which the motoring fun really begins with mountain roads to the remote temple of Apollo Epicourios. Next: sea-view twisty roads to Peloponnesos, Sparta, Mystras and the amphitheatre of Epidaurus. Then over the Corinth Canal to the Oracle of Delphi and Meteora for some final relaxing before going back to the ferry. Full programme here. You’re too late to join in now, but there’ll surely be another chance next year…

(Words editor, picture Bart de Kleyn / Via Flaminia)

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