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Every day we receive tons of press releases and often we just let 'm go as fast as they come in. Yesterday's mail regarding the auction in Belgium of a 50 car collection grabbed our attention. All cars have been parked for years and gathered the same dusty patina giving them an equally sad as attractive appearance. You can pick your own choice while browsing the auction website. But we like to dust off a few grayish gems. Above the Mini Marcos of course, the weightwatcher version of the Mini.  Further - let's start modestly - a delectable Daf 33 of 1968 vintage, a more appealing to every day taste Lotus Super 7, a very-very yellow MGB GT,  an empty tyred Jensen Interceptor and a high ending Maserati Merak.  Whether it's your taste or not, maybe the most eclusive of the lot is this Bitter, the Opel Diplomat based Gran Turismo...  Without any doubt they all need lots of proper care but the good news is they all seemed to have experienced the advantage of dry storage... (full auction listings at

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