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Haulin’ Chevys since ‘56

Haulin’ Chevys since ‘56
You may have seen this intriguing shot before. It all of a sudden appeared last year, when the complete combination of cars was offered for sale. What we see is a 1950 Chevrolet cab with a 1949 Whitehead and Kales hauler. What’s more: it’s fully loaded with four Chevys on it: all of them 1956 cars. Two of them are four-doors; one is a four-door hardtop; the last a two-door. Location: Wilson, North Carolina. The intriguing thing is that the four passenger cars appear to be remarkably complete. One has broken glass, but grilles and trim, brightwork and bumpers seem to be in pristine condition. Were they brand new and on their way to a dealership where they never arrived? The seller stated: It would cost more to restore than it would be worth. It’s my opinion that this setup is great for drawing attention to your business and /or in yard, flower bed for the ultimate yard art.” We just like to know: how did they ever end up there?

(Words editor, picture courtesy autoquid.com)

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#1 2017-01-09 20:36
Note, 1956 had that strange fuel tank opening at taillight.
I would guess these had been loaded for transport from a small collection yard, to the crusher. Wonder if the hauler Chevy had problems, which is the best deal!
Is the post 2-door worth a restoration TODAY?

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