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Man forgets Ferrari 250 GTE. Search started

Man forgets Ferrari 250 GTE. Search started
A British man suffering from a brain trauma appears to have forgotten where he left his classic Ferrari: a 250 GTE. Under the alias of 2manycars he wrote the following on a forum for car enthusiasts: “I was restoring it to raffle away to help kids with cancer but unfortunately I developed a brain tumour that halted me in my tracks. I stored it away and due to my memory I can’t actually remember where it is. I’m sure I’ll remember one day but for now it’s all a blur.”

Several forum members expressed their doubts about the story, but 2manycars indeed appears to be the same man that bought such a car with the idea to raffle it to charity. He adds: “I can assure you I’m serious, I’d rather not be but unfortunately I am. I had a brain tumour as I was just starting my 250 restoration, I’ve only just returned to pistonheads after about 2 or so years hiatus. Anyway!!! Yeah I can’t remember where I put my car as that part of my brain was scrambled, but if I’m honest I rarely think about the car so I can’t be that bothered about it in the grand scheme of things. I’ve got plenty of others to play with but more importantly I’ve got a 2 year old (had her whilst I was recovering) that’s more precious to me than any car. It probably does sound like a fib but I’ve honestly got a 250 that I can’t remember where I put it.”

True or not? Join the discussion here or below. Oh - the Ferrari seen above has nothing to do with the forgotten Ferrari mentioned in this article. It happens to be another 250 GTE that was found in a British lock-up and sold by Bonhams auctioneers 5 years ago.

(Words editor, picture Bonhams)

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