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Mireille and the mystery image

Mireille and the mystery image
Trust us: it wasn’t so easy to find out the background of this most unusual picture that had been lingering in the Friday Lady files for ages. But we did. What do we see? Well, it is a strange sight to see a Rolls-Royce parked like that. And look well and you might even notice that it’s not your average (…) RR, too. This is a mid-1960s Phantom V in the long wheel based Limousine version, it seemed to us. What is it doing there? Who’s the confident looking girl? What is she wearing? Why the pose? And why all this!? 

Well, well, readers. It turns out to be the lovely French actress Mireille Darc in a bizarre scene from the absurdistic 1971 film ‘Fantasia chez les Ploucs’. And Youtube wouldn’t be Youtube if we couldn’t find it back there. Or at least bits of it. In fact, we found the actual film scene, showing Mireille in that disturbing dress, dancing on a deliciously psychedelical version of Beethoven’s 5th, the Roller in the background (caravan roped behind it), performing a striptease before falling off a roof! It’s all very, erm, different. Watch it at your own risk here.

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture Capitole Films)

Friday, 28 July 2017