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Original ‘Brockbanks’ need finishing touch

Original ‘Brockbanks’ need finishing
Everyone who likes rummaging through old British motoring magazine issues will know the cartoons by Canada-born Russell Brockbank (1913-1979), who always hit the nail on the head when it came to matters motoring. Every fan will have it’s own favourites with lots to choose from as Brockbanks oeuvre was anything but little.

It was a bit of a surprise, however, to see three original large Brockbank drawings - watercolours in full colour if you please – come to the market. Bonhams will actually be selling them tomorrow. We thought we’d show them here as there’s just one thing that they do miss: the schrewd caption that was, apart from the actual drawing, so distinctive about these cartoons. We present to you the 'BMW Sportscar Enthusiast', 'Opel Ingrid' and 'Threadbare VW Beetle owner'. Indeed all German cars. Don’t be shy.

The originals can be seen for sale here.

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Bonhams auctioneers)

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