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Sleigh riding: caption it!

Sleigh riding: caption it!
Told you yesterday that the Dutch like their winter sports. Ice skating in particular, but when there’s no ice yet on our canals and channels, lakes and locks, we enjoy sleigh riding. What, no hills in that flattest of countries you thought? Well, we will find a solution to propel our sleighs! A poor Ford Popular in this case, seen here on the boulevard of Scheveningen in the early 1950s. This is the same place but slightly more uphill on house level. We recognized it thanks to the infamous restaurant Seinpost (Signpost) in the background. Now graced (?) with the name of Cottontree Mer by Gert-Jan… Over to you now, as you may give your best caption for this fabulous shot!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

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Rallying the former sea and the canals of Holland

You may know that the PostWarClassics head quarters are based in The Netherlands. And you may also know that we Dutch have something with water. Waterways, canals, dykes, rivers. There’s water everywhere here. And when the temperature gets below the 0 degrees mark, Dutchmen go wild on skating. It’s the case at the moment. We cannot yet skate but we are covered in snow and everyone is talking about ice skating once again.

Then it’s nice to look back upon that particularly harsh winter of 1962/1963. That winter lead to something spectacular, as the video above will show. The IJsselmeer was formerly part of the ‘Zuiderzee’ (Southern Sea). This was closed off from the North Sea by the construction of a tremendous dyke (which changed the salt water sea into a fresh water lake).

Anyhow: this huge lake was just about frozen solid in late ’62, which even lead to a road being laid out right over it, from the one side to the other side. A rally was even held on the lake with hundreds of cars participating and in the middle of the lake, a petrol station was set up for the occasion. We hope you enjoy this marvellous video. Would you take your car to a frozen lake?

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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XK Jags, but not as we know them!

XK Jags, but not as we know them!
Gstaad, the Swiss mountain village where it is impossible to find a cup of coffee for under 10 euros, used to house a Ferrari auction in the most prestigious of the village’s hotels: the Palace. We ordered a couple of wines there one day during the auction, and still wake up every now and then seeing that bill right in front of us.

Anyhow: that most atmospheric of sales is gone now for some time, but Gstaad continues to give place to a classic car auction, now by the Swiss Oldtimer Galerie Toffen. And on the 28th and 29th this month, in that period between Christmas and New Year’s Day when so many people look for some entertainment, you can come over to have a look and perhaps drive home a classic (don’t forget the snow chains).

We picked out two Jaguars they have on offer, both XKs but not as we know them. First there is the 1951 Jaguar XK 120 coachbuilt by Autenrieth of Darmstadt in Germany. For a staggering 36,000 Reichsmarks they turned the car into something more spacious with ‘Schlaraffia’ seats and unusual dashboard lay-out. There’s also a one-piece windshield, door handles from a BMW 327, a heater and a pale blue paint job. Like it or not, it is totally unique.

The same goes for the XK150 Estate of 1959-vintage. This car was converted as late as in 1968 by Peel coachbuilders on behalf of racer Douglas Wilson Spratt for Patrick Lindsey who used it to tow his ERA single seaters to and from racing events. The car is said to be used itself in competition too, entering it – amongst others – to the Tholt-y-Will hillclimb on the Isle of Man, where it achieved a considerably better time than Patrick Lindsey himself in his ERA, leading to the now classic remark from Lindsey: “My God, I got beaten by my Tow Car!”

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Oldtimer Gallery Toffen / Daniel Reinhardt)



Monday, 11 December 2017

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Tough to crack car puzzle #173

Tough to crack car puzzle #173
Ha! We quite like the car seen here. Was it ever serious? Perhaps not, but fact is that it was its time ahead. Really far ahead we dare to believe, combining two concepts into one that we would now call a niche. Or perhaps not even a niche anymore. In fact the actual concept of this car was very much into the news this week. We’re not telling you how and why, as we’re sure you’ll be able to find out for yourself.

So… what have we got here being fabricated? And if you are able to answer that question, you will also know the man who was responsible for it and – looking back – who would probably never have believed his idea would actually be picked up decades later. There is a lot more to tell, but we leave it all to you. Come up with some dramatic stories just as we like them. Send your answer to the box below, first do read our rules by clicking on the ‘Read more’ line below. Have a good weekend for now, and don’t take any bribes today!

Saturday, 09 December 2017

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