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Hidden messages from ladies in red

The hidden messages from ladies in red
Was it a coincidence that we found several photographs of ladies wearing red overcoats, gloves and black hats with flowers next to what we believe to be 1949 Buicks? Or was there a secret code or hidden message in these outfits? Probably not. They are gorgeous pictures though. See the others for yourself here and here and make up your mind. Oh – we found this, too…

Pictures Pinterest and ATDetroit

Friday, 17 February 2017

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Finned fantasies

Finned fantasies
Some sixty years ago, a styling trend in the motoring industry went mad: it was the tail fin that peaked. GM chief Harley Earl or Chrysler draughtsman Virgil Exner are generally credited for the idea, but by 1957 the thing was everywhere, not just in the US. With anything from Mercedes to Moskvitch and Mercury to Morris. A blessing from the Golden Age of Motoring? Or something better to be forgotten?

(Words editor, picture PWC archive)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

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Mounties and Maple Leafs

Mounties and Maple Leafs
There is a good reason to post a photograph of the RCMP - or Royal Canadian Mounted Police – today. After Canada’s independency from Great-Britain became official in 1931, the country needed a flag design of their own. It took the Canadians until February 15, 1965, to come up with their new design: the beautiful 11-pointed Maple Leaf in the official colours of Canada: red and white. On this very day 52 years ago it was hoisted for the first time. Let’s celebrate it with a favourite tune and feel free to have a look here for some Canadian motoring history.

(Words editor, picture Pinterest/Alexandru Halmagean)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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Back to back: 503 or 541?

Back to back: 503 or 541?
Coys' latest offering is eclectic as always, but we found two GT coupes of the mid-1950s that might well have rubbed shoulders in a contemporary test. First there’s a Jensen 541 in delightful metallic blue with equally lovely red leather interior. It uses the four-litre Austin engine with triple SUs and was issued in Guildford when new in 1956. Estimated to sell for £45- to £55,000 its price, too, may still be underrated?

That cannot be said for the BMW 503 Coupe that comes in the same sale. The 3.2-litre V8 powered  and Von Goertz-designed car is quite rare: just 206 were built and this is one of only three (!) right hand driven cars. Sold new in 1957 in the UK, it was family-owned from 1961 until 2010. The alloy body seems a little worse for wear but is in a healthy state underneath, with lots of mechanical refurbishments over the last couple of years plus recently two long continental trips under its tyres. Now, the estimate for this car is quite a lot higher than that of the Jensen: £120- to £140,000. Worth the difference?

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictuires courtesy Coys of Kensington)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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