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Let’s call her Black Lola

Let’s call her Black Lola
“It is rare to auction a car direct from rock royalty” says auctioneer Silverstone about the sale of a 1960 Bentley S2 they hammered down this weekend. And it’s no overstatement. The car they sold was bought in 1970 by Kinks lead singer Ray Davies , who did not even have a driver’s licence at the time. In his own words: “After the success of Lola I was persuaded by my family to invest in a big car, which was unusual for me because I did not drive.” And so Davies then-wife was the one to do so. And she must have liked it. Davies recalls about the purchase: “We lived in a little semi in Muswell Hill and the neighbours were in shock and awe when they saw this huge black Bentley drive up along the narrow shingle path to the house."

There’s also a lovely little anecdote attached to it, says Davies: “While on our holiday in Mullion I sat in the back seat of the Bentley and wrote a follow up to Lola called ‘Apeman’ on the Spanish guitar which I carried in the back.” It was only when fans started writing on the car with lipstick that manager Ken Jones decided to retire the car to the garage. In fact it hasn’t been out there since 1991, and now the Kinks front man has decided to part with it. See the auctioneer’s write-up here. The estimate seemed low, so we are very curious to learn what price the car eventually made. (UPDATE: sold for 29,250 GBP) Oh – and while we are not a fan of giving cars names, this one does call for one. After Keith Richards’ Blue Lena, let’s name this one Black Lola…

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Silverstone Auctions)

Monday, 15 May 2017

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Tough to crack car puzzle #158

Tough to crack car puzzle #158
Our last few car puzzles prompted plenty of readers to send in their answers. Perhaps because they weren’t too tough to crack? We have a feeling that’s all going to change with this week’s mystery motor. We spotted the little thing ourselves in downtown Zurich some years ago and had no clue what it was. Then we forgot all about it, until it crossed us a little while ago once more. There it was, with something of a remarkable history. A few hints then. It was built in Australia using a 1960s British base vehicle. It is also said to have run a race in the 2-Litre Sports category against a grand parade of drivers including Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, Derek Bell, Frank Gardner, Jack Brabham and Chris Amon no less! That should narrow down the search considerably. It may still be a hard nut to crack, though, we are not sure. But please do surprise us by dropping a line with all the information you gather and manage to squeeze into your 100-words answer. Do read the rules before doing so, by clicking on ‘Read More’ here. For now: have a good weekend, with or without your beloved vehicle(s).

Saturday, 13 May 2017

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Mille Miglia 2017: the women and their wagons

Mille Miglia 2017: the women and their wagons
There will be plenty of women, starting next week from Brescia for an adrenalin-filled drive in the Mille Miglia. But full female crews? Just six. Two of them drive pre-wars, leaving just four duos of feminin navigator and drivers joining a post war vehicle.

They are: Ivana Cattazzo and Sabrina Bignotti of Italy on Fiat 500C Topolino, Janet Bas van Oijen and Stefanie Bas van den Broek on Triumph TR2, Maria Gaburri and Luigia Gaburri on a 1956 Abarth 750 GT Zagato and last but not least Sabine Goethals and Sylvie de Meuleneere on a 1953 Fiat 8V. We wish you all the best for the rally ladies, that the best one of you may win!

(Words editor, picture courtesy Ridingirls)

Friday, 12 May 2017

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Mille Miglia 2017: What to look out for

Mille Miglia 2017: What to look out for
It’s just a week now before the Mille Miglia will colour the roads between Brescia and Rome, so why not have a look at the list of entrants? Provisional, or so the official website states, but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference from the actual starting grid we reckon. Have a look for yourself here (large PDF file alert). The first 150 or so cars are pre wars, so we won’t discuss these here, but from there on there are still hundreds of exotics left. Or are there?

Yes and no. We’ve seen an edition that was packed with TR3s and VW Beetles in the back of the field, but for this year there are just a few: 3 TR3s and 2 TR2s plus just one Beetle to be precise. More surprising is perhaps the fact that only 4 DB2s are entered, while we remember this was a very popular choice just some years ago. And Jaguars then? Oh – there are plenty of those, even though the official Jaguar Heritage team apparently decided not to go this year. A team of JD Classics fills the gap with plenty of XKs though. The grand total of XK120s and XK140s is 19 – quite a few. Not as many as the Mercedes 300 SLs though, which are a real common sight in the Mille Miglia. 23 of them have been entered, the majority of them by Mercedes-Benz of Stuttgart.

Seven Porsches 550 Spyder are also a bit of an overkill, but gone is also the multitude of Healey Silverstones we saw in recent years. Some very interesting Healeys are bound to come instead though: a Healey Duncan, a Healey Westland and a Nash-Healey. Surprising for 2017 is a huge amount of Cisitalia 202s: 11 of them no less plus two 204s as above! And then there are a few real surprises to find on this fascinating grid: a Bentley MkVII Special of 1948 (how on earth did that come through?), but also a Bugatti 101C (this one?), a Jaguar-powered HW Alta, a Cadillac-powered HWM and… the no doubt very noisy Kurtis 500X Caballo II. Eat your heart out Italians!

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Foto Lochhi - Cisitalia Abarth 204A of 1950)

Thursday, 11 May 2017

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