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Prototype 2CV - in moving image

This is fascinating film footage. Said to be of 1949-vintage, we see a Citroen 2CV prototype that is clearly earlier than that being unveiled. The simplicity of it all is explained in moving image. And then the signature trick of carrying a basket of eggs is demonstrated to a few onlookers. It's just lovely. We had never seen this before, but 2CV adapts may well know it?

Monday, 12 June 2017

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Tough to crack car puzzle #160

Tough to crack car puzzle #160
Hey! Today is not Friday, is it? No, it’s not. We’ve had our regular Friday Lady yesterday. But look again, there’s a car behind the girl. And it’s not a very well known one. Or is it? This car was remarkable for one thing in particular and even so remarkable for just that, that it made it not just to the motoring press but even to major newspapers at the time.

What’s more: the very example shown here starred in a movie of the early 1950s, with one of its stars posing along. Still, not many were built. We believe at least some of you will recognize it. And you know: anything is allowed to make you win our bi-weekly puzzle. We encourage fun facts. So, come on in with your newspaper clippings and snippets of film footage, biographies of forgotten film stars and stories from yellowed magazines. Click for the rules below first, though. For now: enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

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70 Years of TVR. Bye-bye to Blackpool

70 Years of TVR. Bye-bye to Blackpool
Rumours about TVR coming back from the brink continue to flow in. We would certainly not be surprised. But while the amount of TVR’s near death experiences is impressive, with owners coming and going, one thing stood the test most of the time: the factory itself at one of the UK’s more remarkable seaside resorts: Blackpool. The place that appears to be made entirely from casinos, roller coasters and bingo halls all glued together with candyfloss, was the home of TVR for decades. It worked though and the two seemed to have been made for each other. TVR’s were always extreme but aesthetically pleasing, loud but lively. If the British bulldog would be a car, then it would be a TVR.

But new TVR’s will not hail from Blackpool. Wales is said to become the new birthplace, following into the footsteps of Aston Martin. Oh – and Gilbern. Now, did anyone remember that it is 70 years ago this year that TVR was born? Born and raised in Blackpool, the late TVR-founder Trevor Wilkinson was 24 years old when he did just that. Don’t think he had no experience whatsoever. Trev had left school at 14 to start an engineering apprenticeship at a local garage. That’s the spirit. Let’s hope the new born TVR will keep that in mind too.

(Words and archive picture Jeroen Booij)

Friday, 09 June 2017

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Mystery motor: the Douglas C47 truck

Mystery motor: the Douglas C47 truck
What you see here is a great form of recycling. If old frying oil can be turned into petrol and household waste into toys, why not turn old aeroplanes into cars? This truck is believed to be just that. Said to have been made from a crashed Douglas C-47 in Australia, the fantastic vehicle was seen recently at a show in Victoria county and photographed by Nathan Tasca. We’d love to learn a little more about it. What happened to the plane? What was the base used for the vehicle? Who knows its background?

(Words editor, picture Nathan Tasca)

Thursday, 08 June 2017

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