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Postwar X-mas Puzzle 2016: the results!

Thank you very much for all the New Year wishes. Judging from your comments you had as much fun solving the puzzle, as we had putting it together. It wasn’t too difficult, as almost all of the responses were correct. We asked for only the names of the marques that were named after an historical figure, but many also gave us the model names. For those few with incorrect answers this is what you should have found:

The Greek goddess on day 1 was of course Pallas Athena, easy to find with google. Citroën used the model name Pallas on several of its models, for instance the DS and the GS. The Alfredo from day 3 was ‘Dino’ Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari, who named the Dino after him. The Spanish conquistador from day 3 was Hernando de Soto. Walter P. Chrysler introduced the Desoto (also spelled De Soto) in 1928 The model name was the high-performance 'Adventurer'. The Sorcerer or The Wizard from day 4 was the nickname of Amedée Gordini, who went to work for Renault. Several hi-performance models carried his name, for instance this Renault Dauphine Gordini. On day 5 we showed you a picture of Willy Messerschmitt who not only designed aircraft, but also the tiny three-wheeler that bore his name. Seen here in racing trim. And the inventor from day 6 was Howard A. "Dutch" Darrin and the shipbuilder’s name was Henry J. Kaiser. Together they produced the Kaiser Darrin, noteworthy for its sliding doors.

Okay, now for the winners… we threw all your answers in the proverbial hat and took them out one by one until we had six winners. They are: Mark Dawber; Phil Seed; Charles Balfe; Heinz P. Spoede; Salvador Claret and Reinhard Bauer.

Congratulations to all! Please send your address (and shirt size!) to info (at) to claim your PostWarCar T-shirt.

(Quiz idea & text Rutger Booy)

Saturday, 07 January 2017

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BB’s RR – what’s its story?

BB’s RR – what’s its story?
Earlier in this first week of 2017 we saw some of the ‘Best Cars in the World’, also known as Rolls-Royces. And today’s Friday Lady is no exception. Yes, that is Brigitte Bardot on a snowy Alp road in one such machine (who needs a flying lady with her behind the wheel?). Bardot has of course been photographed with more exotic machinery than can be seen at your average motor show. But the Rolls supposedly was her own, and we’d love to learn a bit more about the car in question. It is believed to be a long wheel based Silver Cloud II that was coachbuilt by Chapron of Paris. Seen here again at the same Alp road back in 1966. And this may well be the same car, too, despite its white colour. This one should have nothing to do with it, or did she have it converted again?

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Paris Match / Life)

Friday, 06 January 2017

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On Sir Donald’s driveway

On Sir Donald’s driveway
Ouch! We forgot that yesterday saw 50 years since the death of Donald Campbell, who set more world land and water speed records than Evel Knievel broke bones. You’ll find a little tribute film here, while daughter Gina Campbell gave a little personal tribute yesterday at the death scene in Coniston - see here. We dug up this picture, shot on a sunny day in Spring 1966. That’s the driveway of Campbell’s house in Surrey with some adequate machinery. From right to left: Bluebird Mach 1.1; Bluebird CN7; Jaguar E-type coupe and Mrs. Campbell’s coachbuilt Mini Cooper ‘S’ – supposedly with fridge and record player - behind. Needless to say the latter two were painted blue, too...

(Words editor, picture PWC archive)

Thursday, 05 January 2017

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Will this be this year's Mille Miglia’s most unlikely entry?

Will this the 2017 Mille Miglia’s most unlikely entry?
Coys’ Autosport sale, next weekend in Birmingham, features an eclectic mix of motorsports vehicles, many of which are eligible for historic racing and rallying. We can see ourselves rallying this Alfa or this Ford or how about a rather unlikely but original Group B rally car?

Unlikeliest of them all, however, has to be the 1952 Alfa-Romeo 1900 M ‘Matta’ that Coys flags off as ‘Mille Miglia eligible’. Sure, since a decade or so, that phrase is abused to vend anything from rusty pre-’57 Beetles to very obscure Etceterinis. But, for heaven’s sake, a Matta? It turns out to be no mistake. In fact, two of the military Alfa-Jeeps made it to the 1952 road race. One of them was driven by Captain Antonio Costa and Lieutenant Francesco Verga who finished 114th overall, beating 158 of the other entries of that year. Among those exotic machinery such as a Ferrari 166 Inter, several Lancia Aurelias, a Maserati A6, three Zagato bodied Fiats, two Stanguellinis and three Cisitalias... We reckon that shovel and pick axe may come in handy, too. This could be fun.

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy Coys of Kensington) 

Wednesday, 04 January 2017

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