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Did the Trippel really exist, ever? (Upd. over 250 produced by the Father of the Amphicar)

We found this long forgotten car in a fifties collector book with cigarette pics. It is a 2 cylinder Trippel 'Made in Germany'. The description goes on that it is a 2 seater, 2 cylinder of 597 cc with three speeds. Weight 900 kg. Top speed 118 kmh. Most intriguing of course is the teardrop shape of this micro coupe. Who was responsible for the design? Was it really made ever? And if so did one of those survive? We were not able to find anything online. Can you help us out?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

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Italian Looks, Modern Engineering and American Heart on British Roads

We heard that last week delivery of the all-new Jensen Interceptor R has started. It is made by Oxfordshire-based manufacturer and restorer Jensen International Automotive (JIA), which set up business in May last year. It is their modern interpretation of the much loved British classic from the swinging ‘60s and glamorous ‘70s. Each Interceptor R is hand-built from an original donor car, refurbished and treated to modern specifications, boasting a GM Corvette LS3 V8 engine, independent rear suspension, brand-new transmission and braking systems, and a luxurious new interior. The Jensen reaches a top speed of 160mph and hits 0-60mph in less than 4.5sec. All this comes with a price tag and be prepared for a five-month building schedule.

(photo courtesy Jensen International Automotive)

Monday, 10 January 2011

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Where have all the Huskies gone?

Where have all the Huskies gone?

By Kit Foster: In 1954, the Rootes Group introduced a cute little estate wagon to the Hillman line. Derived from the then-current Minx, it was a compact, two-door design with a handy luggage space that allowed easy access to the spare tyre whether loaded or empty. Named “Husky,” the new Hillman became popular in many markets, among them the United States, then enjoying an influx of British cars.
A new series of Huskies arrived for 1958, again styled like the current Minx sibling. With another facelift in 1963, the Husky was produced until 1965, by which time 56,000 had been built. But where have they all gone? Once seen frequently in the northeastern USA, they are all but extinct in that region. This one, seen at Hershey in 2009, is the first to turn up in decades. Do you have a Husky? Show us a picture.


Sunday, 09 January 2011

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For King & Kadillac

What better way to celebrate Elvis’ birthday than go cruisin’ with a pink Cadillac? We snapped the King when he returned to this ship. Nowadays named “De Majesteit ” (Majesty) and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, it used to be the “Rheinland” built in 1926 and for years sailed between Cologne and Koblenz on the river Rhine in Germany. Its claim to fame is that in 1959 it was used in the Elvis hit movie ‘G.I. Blues’.

Saturday, 08 January 2011

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