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Six years before Playboy edition 1

Sooner or later, one sees everything at the gigantic Hershey show, the Antique Automobile Club of America's Eastern Division National Fall Meet, held each October. Not within recent memory, though, has a Playboy been spotted, either in the show or in the swap meet. This year was noteworthy, for this 1948 Playboy appeared in the Chocolate Field. (the magazine came out in 1954) 

The Playboy was one of the small postwar automobiles fielded in the United States. With war production ended, many manufacturing companies attempted to cash in on the pent-up demand for automobiles. The Playboy Motor Car Corporation of Buffalo, New York, was one of these.

On a diminutive, 90-inch wheelbase, the Playboy had an innovative convertible hard top. Early models used Hercules engines, but most were built with 40-hp Continental L-head units. In all, 97 were built. This car, offered at $18,500, has the Hercules powerplant. We don't know whether it sold or where it went. (text & photos Kit Foster)


Sunday, 14 November 2010

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the new-old Morgan Tricycle. Is this a Prewar or Postwar subject?

Recently re-introduced by Morgan: the cyclecar that made their fame. And still very hard to beat on the track. The V-twin powered tricycle; in the new issue powered by the only pre-war designed V twin which is till available; By Harley-Davidson of course! So far it is only plans, as we have not seen a photo yet. It's only computer renderings which are shown so far. As soon it is on the road of course we will jump form our PC sreens and race to Malvers to get a taste of it. So far we have only one concern. Is this Pre-War News or Post-War news? please give us your opinion.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

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Nelli needs a ride.

Nelli is the nickname of the old VW-bug of  fashionmodel Jul Krabetz. She admits that she has neglected Nelli in the most horrible way. Nelli is currently living - surviving is the better word -  just South of Hamburg. Her condition is sad, really-really sad. It's really getting urgent now to move Nelli to France where a warm restoration shop is waiting for her. And needs a better home for the winter. In few words; Nelli needs a ride from Hamburg to France. More precise to the restoration shop of Jean Luc Bonnefy,  in Orval, France. Can you help? You can contact Jul at Facebook or try Jean Luc in France.

Friday, 12 November 2010

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2300 Miles in a Plodge

Something doesn't look right about this 1947 Dodge. That's because it's a Plymouth at heart. Sometimes called a "Plodge," this Dodge Special Deluxe is a Canadian-built model, with Dodge trim and badges on a Plymouth body and chassis.

Chris Bamford and a friend drove it 2300 miles (3,700 km) from Edmonton, Alberta, to Hershey for the Antique Automobile Club of America Eastern Division National Fall Meet last month. They camped in the swap meet, sold some parts they had brought and entered the car in the Historical Preservation of Original Features class in the Saturday car show. HPOF is the fastest-growing class the AACA, giving deserved prominence to cars, like this one, that would lose their originality if they were restored.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

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