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You still cannot open any classic car magazine from nomatter which country, or you will find a write up, a review, a roadtest, a restoration report of an Austin Healey. There must be more than 10,000 still around (who helps with the correct number?) .  It's one of those sportscars that gave England a worldwide name and fame for making affordable yet highly attractive sportscars. Imagine owning a prototype: the one proposed here  for tomorrow's sale of H&H is was meant to live a BN1/100 life, but it was withdrawn from the production line to serve another destiny.  It was used to try out many conversions by the factory to explore the terrain for the 3 liter, 2+2 'Big Healey'. When you're into Healey's, here's  The Holy Healey Grail.

Monday, 19 July 2010

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Start the week with a 12 cylinder airco.


A five litre, 600 HP, 12 cylinder aircooled boxer from the house of Zuffenhausen.  The 1970/1971 Porsche 917 Interserie Spyder is about the coolest racing car for sale this summer. When you start at work this  Monday keep in mind that this roaring seventies racing icon could move to your carport in less than a month from now. But first brush up your german to check the the data file of the Porsche company themselves.   But keep in mind when buying a Porsche , there's always a slight risk that one of your colleagues will turn up with practically the same car. Yes even with a Porsche 917 ...

photo courtesy Bonhams & Butterfields, Quail Lodge
12-13 August

Sunday, 18 July 2010

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Castle in the Clouds: plenty of showers and plenty of time.

Warren Henderson reports:   the 4th Annual Castle In The Clouds Car Show  was held on July 10, 2010 at the Castle in the Clouds, in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, due to rain showers this year’s numbers were down quite a bit from past shows. While there were plenty of showers, there also was plenty of time to view the cars on display, without getting wet. These shows are a great way for families to enjoy quality time together and learn all about the automobile history of these great vehicles.
(editor: are you willing to help us identifying the various glorious fintails and hi-way cruisers that were on display? 1. The custard colored fastback Fintail. The cherry metallic late forties Hornet?   The car right of the 1958 Cadillac(?)  ?  To be honest the only one we really felt confident about is the aeroplane of Flintstone Air.  

Saturday, 17 July 2010

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Happy Holidays!

Lots of people in Western Europe are taking their leave now and the roads, hotels and camp sites will be flooded with overloaded tourist cars. A relative modest addition to the holiday traffic is this combo of a Fiat 500 + Ever caravan.  Well, as you know the smaller the car, the bigger the smile. Quite possibly the same counts for the smaller the caravan, the ...   (fill in the last words)? 

Do you encounter special or very special holiday cars? We love to hear & see from you. For uploading Go Here.

Friday, 16 July 2010

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