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Gullwing returns to South-America

mercedes-300sl-america-1The original winning car from the 3rd Carrera Panamericana Mexico in November 1952 returns to the scene of its great triumph. The 300 SL racing sport car (W 194) will temporarily be removed from the “Races and Records” display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, in order to join the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and set off once again along a part of the original route through Central America. The 3rd Carrera Panamericana was one of the top international races of the 1952 season. The double victory achieved by Mercedes-Benz there ranks as one of the brand’s most spectacular successes. Karl Kling and co-driver Hans Klenk won the race, a long-distance event covering 3111 kilometres, against strong international competition at an average speed of 165.011 km/h. Second to cross the finishing line, also driving a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, were Hermann Lang and co-driver Erwin Grupp. Kling’s collision with a vulture at 250 km/h, which left his car with a smashed windscreen and Hans Klenk with head injuries, went into the annals of racing history. In addition to replacing the screen, the mechanics also immediately fitted eight thin vertical metal bars to protect vehicle and driver in the event of a similar collision – still the vehicle’s most distinguishing feature. (Text and photos Daimler AG)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

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Ultrarare two-cycle car

DKW_KarmannFormer Amilcarist Joop Terpstra (where did he take the wrong turn ? ) found this car one year ago in a enormous warehouse in downtown Lissabon-Portugal where a collector has around 300 classic cars: "This particular DKW's are very rare in convertible form, built by hand at Karmann in Osnabruck/Germany in 1953-1954. Sadly only a few survived worldwide. After recieving it from Portugal by truck I picked it up in Rotterdam where it stood in storage with a flat tyre, empty battery and a broken engine. Now I have repaired all these problems and it is ready for summer 2010. Twostroke 1000cc watercooled engine with some 50 hp and a topspeed of 135 kmh. Frontwheel drive and fourspeed columnshift. Check this car out at YouTube ."

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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Strange Cairo Jeep

willys-jeep-cairo-1Mahmoud Ezzeldin found this WW II Willy’s Jeep in Cairo, Egypt. It doesn’t look like an ordinary Jeep, so he would be grateful for any information about this mysterious machine as he’s planning to buy it. Can we help him? Click main pic for rear view. Mail us!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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The next generation

It's not a barnfind, not a replica. Welcome in the latest model 
With a new developed engine and refined sculptured bodywork. Give it a good look, but better take it for a testrun. The handling is quite different, but after a few miles you'll start to enjoy.

In this new set up we hope to see and hear a lot more from you than was possible before. You can add up to 7 BIG photos with each car or bike advert. You can change your advert, renew it  or "boost" it back up in the new listings. But we guess it will be even more fun to receive your online comments on featured stories. Or even better we hope you will post your own pre-war car and family album car mysteries. Let's see how things develop over the next few weeks. We will welcome your opinion about the new page through the opinion seeking poll at the bottom right of this page ranging from Blah!  up to  Fab!  But whatever has changed and whatever you may think of it, our mission is to bring you: Something Old to Discover Every Day

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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