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About Tough to Crack Car Puzzle #151: Enzmann 506

About Tough to Crack Car Puzzle #151: Enzmann 506
Identifying the VW base wasn’t difficult on last week’s mystery motor. But the Swiss plate and CH-sticker made some of you think it was a Ghia-Aigle product. Not so. This was the Enzmann 506, dreamt up by Emil Enzmann. In fact, he is the man wearing the helmet, as our winner Reinhard Bauer knew. He wrote: “The photo shows the Swiss medical doctor and car designer Dr. Emil Enzmann (26/11/1921 – 12/08/2016) in the year 1958 in his own car leaving for a skiing trip (above again-ed.). Enzmann built between 1956 and 1960 about 50 roadsters based on Volkswagen beetle chassis, first with the standard beetle engine (1192cc/30hp) later with Öttlinger-VW-engines (1295cc/45hp). Due to a delivery embargo by VW the production of full cars had to be stopped, but until 1968 additional kits had been delivered. In parallel to the VW-project Enzmann built a one-off prototype of a DKW-Enzmann (type 500) with front engine. With a total weight between 520 - 550 kg the car war very competitive. Remarkable are the, for 1958 very advanced, safety features like safety belts, anti-rollbars etc. About 40 cars have survived until today, 30 as daily drivers, 10 as restauration projects.” Albeit a bit too long, this is a near perfect answer.

Some of you did add some nice information, though. Tobias Wenzel: “The picture shows the car that was planned to be shown at the 1957 Geneva Automobil Salon. However Enzmann did not get an approval and therefore the car has been parked outside.” Alan Spencer: “The designation '506' came from the stand number allocated to Enzmann at the 1957 Frankfurt Auto Show, where the car made its debut.” Enzmann-owner Fredi Vollenweider: “There are also some coupés around. About 15 years ago some New Enzmanns have been built.” Right so. What we did miss was the fact that tight legislation has made it now impossible to get new Enzmanns on the road in Switzerland, with the very last Enzmann being built in 2013 and road registered in 2014. But then, you can’t have it all…

(Words and archive pictures Jeroen Booij)

Saturday, 04 February 2017

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Uphill by car, downhill by ski

Uphill by car, downhill by ski
Why not continue the winter sports theme on these pages? We found another Friday Lady ready for a bit of skiing plus a classic car, colour coded with her ski gear. And we like it. No points for guessing the right location here (if you do happen to recognize this place you’ll be the king of location scouting and we should really stop asking). You’d recognized the car, though, hadn’t you?

(Words editor, picture PWC archive)

Friday, 03 February 2017

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Groundhog Day 2017

Groundhog Day
This is not a groundhog. It’s a squirrel. Still, we wanted to share this image here, on Groundhog Day, today with you with this photograph being the closest we were able to get to a groundhog in relation to a car. Groundhog Day is a day unlike others, with the weather forecast as its main concern. Groundhogs are watched closely as they are believed to be able to predict the weather during the next few weeks or even months. That makes it of instant importance to us, classic car enthusiasts and drivers, too. To the groundhogs! To a good 2017-season!

(Words editor, picture Audi PR) 

Thursday, 02 February 2017

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Back to back: Spiders glamorous or rare?

Back to back: Spiders glamorous or rare?
Two Italian Spiders with two very different approaches, both offered next week in Paris. First we have a 1962 Maserati 3500 GT. The svelte Spider version, coachwork by Vignale and with double overhead cams, triple Webers, quintuple gears and sextuple cylinders under its gracious bodywork. 242 Of these stunners were made, and this one is believed to be pristine. ‘Open-top motoring at its most glamorous.’ As RM Sotheby’s say. It comes at a price, though: €750.000 - €850.000 is its estimate.

For considerably less money, you can also buy another Italian Spider that’s a lot rarer. The 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750G Spider Competizione. It’s got only a 1290cc four cylinder with twin Webers but uses all the sporty extras Alfa had on offer at the time. Tuner Conrero gave them a hand. Just 24 were made with their unusual body style (using aluminium where possible) and wraparound windscreen, and this is one of only four thought to survive. Estimate? €475.000 - €575.000. We know which one we would prefer. But how about you?

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy RM Sotheby's) 

Wednesday, 01 February 2017

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