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Magnetic attraction

Magnetic attraction
We can get really weak here over 1950s or 1960s cars that hide racing mechanicals beneath the cosy looks of an armchair saloon. The 1957 MG Magnette that Historics is selling on their sale on March 4th sale is quite one of those treasures. Supplied by Manor Circus Motors in Surrey when new, the car has undergone quite a transformation in more recent days without doing too much harm to its cosiness. It does come with a full roll cage and bucket seats, slightly wider wheels and bigger exhaust. But the real treats are under that bulky bonnet where an MGB sourced mill with five main-bearing crankshaft has been tuned to stage six, producing around 125bhp, turning this mundane Brit into the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Naturally, the suspension has been tweaked, too, with heavy-duty springs and adjustable shocks; MGB hubs and disc brakes. The unusual thing is, the Magnette has been fully prepared for track racing and hill climbs, but has never seen any action due to poor health of its owner. This could be just the thing for Goodwood in 2017…

(Words editor, picture courtesy Historics at Brooklands)

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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Monday motoring mogul mystery

Motoring mogul mystery
He may be seen here on a (fantastically cool) Harley Davidson motorbike, but this man meant an awful lot to the motor industry, the British motoring industry in particular. He made name and fame with some of the most famous (sports) cars in the world and was knighted for it in 1956. Oh - he passed away 32 years ago. His name? Over to you.

Monday, 27 February 2017

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Tough to crack car puzzle #153

Tough to crack car puzzle #153
This pretty Grand Tourer is perhaps a case of ‘what could have been’. It was built with the idea to revitalize an existing model and believe us when we say the base is nowhere to be recognized. Under that svelte body is a V8, that's all we say. Oh - and its designer carried out some more interesting projects, the majority of them focussing on racing cars, so this is a bit of an exception. It still exists, but photographs of its survival are rarer as hen’s teeth, so chances of finding these on the world wide web are ruled out. Well, that’s what we believe, but you may well prove us wrong. Know more? Then drop us a line in the comments below. Before you enter your answer be sure to check the Rules under 'Read More' first. For now: have a good weekend!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

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What would Little Red Riding Hood drive?

What would Little Red Riding Hood drive?

“My! What big eyes you have, Grandma!”

“All the better to see with, my child!”

On this day in 1786, Wilhelm Karl Grimm, the younger of the two Brothers Grimm, is born in Hanau, Germany. The two are of course known for their classic collection of fairy tales, including Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and of course Little Red Riding Hood.

We think the little BMW above is quite appropriate for her. Or would she prefer a large convertible of German origins to transport her little basket through the dark forest?

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy BMW PR / Marcus Hoffmann)

Friday, 24 February 2017

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