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The Anglia of Amsterdam - 50 years on

The Anglia of Amsterdam - 50 years on
Mister A.C. Staatsen dropped us a lovely line or two, last week. It was about the Ford Anglia he has now owned for over 50 years. He wrote: “How do you become attached to a classic car, that is still owned by the same person after 50 years? In this case we need to go back to 1966, when on a daily cycle ride to school, a little Ford car parked along the banks of the Catharijne Canal in Utrecht, the `Netherlands, was passed. The increasing dirt and undergrowth around the Ford clearly showed that it was not being used. Out of order or no money left? How was this possible, she was only 15 years old!
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

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FIVA’s elderly youngsters

FIVA’s elderly youngsters
It’s good when organizations want to involve young people with old cars. We also like it when they send photographs with their press releases. But when the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) drops a message with the heading ‘FIVA aims to encourage young enthusiasts to discover historic vehicles’, the image attached should perhaps fit in with the moral of the story. And to be honest we could not withhold a laugh looking at this photo, with the majority of the men paunchy and/or grey.

Who they are? They are the men behind the heritage departments of a range of manufacturers, who came together in Paris 'to share their views on this challenging issue.' Their Senior Vice President (no pun intended), Dr Mario Theissen added: “Engaging the interest of the younger generation is crucial to the future of the historic vehicle movement and a vital part of FIVA’s long-term strategy”. Okay, in all earnesty, that is of course just the thing the movement needs, so it’s good to learn that doctor Theissen held a panel discussion with young enthusiasts lately, interviewing them about their interest in historic vehicles. Carry on like that. But please photograph them next time.

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture FIVA)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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Back to back: 635 Koenig or 560 Koenig?

Back to back: 635 Koenig or 560 Koenig?
Sure, we could have picked out a decent E-type Series 1, a lovely Lotus Elan racer or another sixties’ Ferrari from Coys’ listing for their sale at Historic Motorsport International.  But no, we didn’t do that. This as we just could not withstand the sight of these two 1980s monstrosities of motoring: a BMW 635 CSI and a Mercedes 560 SEC both clothed by what could well be the most remarkable of German tuners: Koenig of Munich.

The 1986 BMW comes in Alpine white and has covered a mere 61,000 miles from new. It’s a UK delivered car, which has featured a wide variety of magazines and has recently undergone a restoration. Estimate is £18-£25,000. The 1987 Mercedes is similar in many ways. Coys writes: “Originally delivered to the UK, and finished in Royal Blue with Beige leather this stunning Koenig conversion is a true icon of the 1980’s. Offered with a fresh MoT and with various bills and receipts this is perhaps the ultimate incarnation of the 560 SEC.” Remarkably, the estimate is quite a lot higher at £28-£35,000. Now, if you had to choose..?

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Coys of Kensington)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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Monday morning (UPDATE: '63? '64?)

Monday Morning
Back to work! It's Monday and we're ready for a new week. Be careful what you do though, as a minor slip can have great consequences, demonstrated above. We'd love to learn a bit more about the photograph in question. All we know is that it was taken 'somewhere in Sweden in the 1960'. The Saab experts among you should be able to identify the right year of the cars for a start...

(Words editor, picture source unknown) 

Monday, 20 February 2017

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