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Friskys in France and the UK

Friskys in France and the UK
Reader Daniel dropped us a line last week, right after he'd spotted a microcar, unknown to him, in Lille, northern France. He wrote: "A post-war mystery... to me. What is it?" Well, Daniel. You spotted a Meadows Frisky, which has to be a rare thing in France. This microcar, made in the UK, was dreamt up by ex-army man Captain Raymond Flower and eventually produced by engine builders Meadows of Wolverhamton from 1957-on. The two-stroke 250cc engine at the back was, however, a Villiers item. A 328cc variant followed later, as well as a three-wheeled version with power coming from a 197cc Excelsior engine. This one was named 'Family Three' as it was supposed to be suitable for two gron-ups plus two children... Times have changed indeed.

But the Frisky has strong and loyal followers, and an active club, too (have a look at their excellent website here). As a matter of fact, they came out in force during the Classic Car Show held at the NEC in Birmingham last weekend, with a variety of cars on display. Thanks Colin Baines for the picture of the show stand. We wonder if these chaps will know the French registered baby blue car that Daniel spotted? 

(Words editor, pictures courtesy 'Daniel' and Colin Baines)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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Back to back: Brussels or Birmingham?

Back to back: Brussels or Birmingham?
The show season has kicked off and the last and next weekends saw / sees two major classic car shows: the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham and Interclassics in Brussels. So which is the one to go to? Both promise a multitude of club displays, trade and dealer stands. The Birmingham show says it had 2,500 classic cars on display, while Interclassics mentions over a thousand of them, (we did notice that the age-limit at the NEC is stretched to the year 2000 though). Some more dry figures: Birmingham had just over 70,000 visitors last year; Brussels 25,000. In terms of size Birmingham covers 93,000 square metres; Brussels 39,000.

But so far for the numbers. Themes are different, with the NEC having hosted 40 years of the Porsche 928 after having teamed up with four UK Porsche Classic Partner Centres to celebrate the anniversary. Interclassics mentions ‘Cyclecars & Grand Sport - Highlighting a forgotten motor history’ as a theme with (Prewar) cars and tricycles on display. They also toots their horn about what they excitedly call ‘The Big Five’ –five European motor museums that come over with some of their cars from Beaulieu, Mulhouse, Turin, The Hague and… Brussels.

Interaction in Birmingham was provided by ‘The Discovery Live Stage’ where tv-personalities Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead hosted the live stage, usually to build up a car from a box of parts. There’ was another team doing something similar in the ‘Practical Challenge’, which restored a 1949 Morris Minor Series MM ‘Lowlight’ last year that was found in a garage in Solihull not too far away. Oh – there was an auction, too, in collaboration with Silverstone Auctions (catalogue here). Despite having Bonhams auctioneers as a sponsor, there’s no sale at Interclassics. Now… which is the one for you?
 (Words editor, picture archive)

Monday, 13 November 2017

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Tough to crack car puzzle #171

Tough to crack car puzzle #171
Well, what have we got here? Those sharp lines certainly ooze the late 1960s / early 1970s and we like them. Iso Lele, anyone? You may also recognize other cars in it, notably Italian ones. And there is indeed a strong link to Italy, but that’s all we are giving away for this time. Well one more then: this car isn’t particularly well known and the reason for that is that it never reached production. So there we go. This is a prototype.

Do you know more about it? Then do send us your answers to be in the race for PostWarClassic car connoisseur. You know we like knowledge other than the basic facts and figures, so give us the best you can in order to score the most points. Let us know by writing your answer in the box below. First, please do read our rules. Have a good and safe weekend for now and if you solve this puzzle in a jiffy and have nothing else to do today, feel free to take a piece of paper

Saturday, 11 November 2017

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Friday Lady Instant Classic

Friday Lady Classic
We’ve wondered before how the overwhelming majority of photographs combining ladies and cars has been posed, staged and mounted. Also: a least as overwhelming majority of them shows women in their younger days. Cars and girls make great arrangements as long as the car is flashy and the lady is under 30, it often seems. Click back to Fridays as far as you can here – you’ll see.

That alone is reason to love this shot by Dutch photographer Chris Schotanus, found here. We don't think this one was posed. Taken last year during a classic car event at the Zandvoort track, this lady is there not for the racing either. Her husband may be, but she’d rather finish her needlework in the passenger seat, whether it's at a racing circuit or at the picknick place. True love? It’s an instant classic. PS: recognize the car she is in?

(Words editor, picture Chris Schotanus)

Friday, 10 November 2017

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