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About Tough to Crack Car Puzzle #148: 1966 Guepardo-Fiat 850cc

Tough to_crack_puzzle_147-800

Well obviously this was too far fetched for most of you. Only one good answer which made our work really light this time, which was a pleasant surprise to us in this terribly busy December month.  It was Bernard Corrège who came up with (translation a bit lower) the one winning answer. Perhaps these rare one-off racers are too much, so we will be looking for more production cars. In case you clever, yet hard to crack candidates, then let us know through office(@)

Selex Artes "Guepardo" de F4 espagnole (janvier 1966) de José Artés de Arcos
célèbre équipementier et concepteur aussi de la très belle Artes Campeador, GT à moteur Seat 1500.
Deux exemplaires construits livrés sans mécanique pour cette monoplace.
les moteurs 850cc étaient au choix des Seat, Fiat ou Renault 
cette monoplace sera conduite en course de cote par Alfonso Tórmez moteur Seat 903cc.

Selex Artes "Guepardo" of Spanish F4 (January 1966) by José Artés de Arcos
Famous equipment manufacturer and also designer of the very beautiful Artes Campeador GT with Seat 1500 engine.
Two built models delivered without mechanics for this single-seater.
The 850cc engines were the choice of the Seat, Fiat or Renault
This single-seater was driven in the side race by Alfonso Tórmez, engine Seat 903cc.
(see also this video of the restored car with Alfonso at the wheel)

(photo collection editor)

Saturday, 10 December 2016

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What's your 1967 favourite ?

1967 and all that
Traditionally, December is a month of looking back. So let us look forward to the past in 2017, if you see what we mean. In 2017 the 50th anniversary of some good cars will be held. The fantastic Lamborghini Marzal concept by Bertone, for example, was introduced early in ’67. And despite being very much in period at the time, it’s still stunning five decades later. But there were plenty more, from the delicate Dino 206 GT to the determined DAF 33. And all their manufacturers did not fear for putting some ladies on or close to their bonnets to celebrate their births. From AMC to Aston Martin; from Holden to Honda. Let us know what your favourite ’67 car is, and we’ll do a little write-up about that early next year.

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures PR depts. manufacturers)

Friday, 09 December 2016

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Totally New, Strange and with a touch of Finland

Mobilisti 7_16_Nash_001
The 1949-51 Nash Airflyte featured radically modern looks by contemporary standards. Under the streamlined skin waited a well proven Nash powerline and chassis with many Nash patents. Relatively light but very strong unitary construction was one of Nash's better ideas – like the Weather-Eye heater with the pioneering air filter/de-humitizing system.

Mobilisti 7_16_Nash_002Since the beginning of the Nash automobile manufacturing back in 1916 they were among the most modern ones in their class. The driving force behind Nash's technical advancements was Nils E. Wahlberg, a Finnish born but mainly Swiss educated gentleman who had shown his exceptional talents with General Motors and other big American companies before Nash.

Airflyte, the most ambitious project of Wahlberg's career, was started during the WWII, under Charles Nash's personal Mobilisti 7_16_Nash_003supervision but it was finished only after the postwar car buying boom was fading. Young designers Holden Koto and Ted Pietsch suggested the Airflyte's very sleek basic desing to the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation in 1943 and while it obviously inspired Wahlberg and his co-worker Theodore Ulrich, Koto and Pietsch got no compensation whatsoever.

When finally introduced to the public, the Airflyte proved to be an instant hit. Nash production rose to new heights and majority of the automotive journalists found it well constructed and carefully finished product with very pleasant highway characteristics.

Six cylinder engines with 82 or 112 hp proved to be powerful enough to make Nash one of the fastest stock cars of the late 40's. All the hours spend in the windtunnel of the University of Witchita paid off handsomely. The Airflyte design was so popular and capable that only minor improvements were required during the 3 year model run. The radically modern design was outdated soon afterwards and only the strong basic structure saved thousands of Airflytes from rust and crusher.

Mobilisti 7_16_Nash_004_002The car in our pictures is originally from rust free Utah and was imported to Finland in 1989 to serve as a parts donor to a similar Finnish Ambassdor with serious rust issues. However, the donor was in so much better shape that it eventually replaced the original restoration project. It served its owner more than decade with only very few mechanical problems but few years ago he decided to restore it to its original glory as seen here.

Full story in Mobilisti, the classic car magazine of Finland

Words by Kimmo Koistinen, Pictures by Matti Oivinen, Mobilisti

Thursday, 08 December 2016

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Get Enzo's signature before you buy the car.

1960 Ferrari
Next year it will be Ferrari 70.  And it will be early in the year (12-15 January) that you will find a jaw-dropping collection of classic Maranello products at InterClassics, the first important show of the year in Europe. When you consider purchasing a classic Ferrari take our advise and read something about the grand old master of racing and engineering himself. All knowledge and understanding and feeling that you get for the brand will help you judging the object of your dreams will come on your path. The 'prancing book' pictured here is priced at Euro 1400 ( er... good news it's only Euro 1100) most certainly not the cheapest as you can simple get books starting around $10. However, those books don't have Enzo's signature. Ferrari race-800And let's face it, a signature nowadays is as close you can get to the mind of the master. 

Here is the ad where you can find the signature of Il Commendatore as well.

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

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