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Restoring a Ute - a lifetime experience

Restoring a Ute - a lifetime experience
People sometimes say it’s better to buy a restored car than do it yourself, as restorations always turn out to become more difficult, time consuming and expensive than planned. We’re not too sure about this, as the actual job of restoring is more important than the result of the restoration for some of us. However, we think it may go well for this car. It’s a superb 1951 Ford Deluxe Coupe Utility that Mossgreen will be selling shortly. And it’s restoration could have easily put you down. The Aussie built Ford is in the hands of the current owner since 1981 and, according to himself, it was “delivered as a trailer load of rusted, twisted, dented pieces, many of which were unrecognisable, with every exterior panel either damaged and/or rusted, and seemingly irreparable.” Working from a Ford Spare Parts Catalogue it took him 18 years before the car was in the state you can see on the image above.

Don’t think he bought all the bits new though. Apart from the outer tail-gate panel, every body part on the Ute is original. And the same goes for just about all the other bits and pieces. Sometimes his ideas to keep things original were virtually impossible. The instrument panel, interior door and windshield moulding, for example, have a lovely wood grain effect, which needed reproduction. It was now painted instead of the original transfer that would have been applied at the factory in Geelong, which is of course no longer available. The only item not true to the original Ute specifications is the fitted carpet which was an option on the sedan model only but this was necessary as it was not possible to source the authentic rubber mat for a right hand drive vehicle…

It’s no surprise that the car’s restoration was awarded with trophies everywhere it went to car rallies and club events throughout New South Wales – it currently stands at a total of 23. See here for more details.

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Mossgreen)

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