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Sad ending for a Citroën DS

A little while ago we spotted this Citroën parked nearby. This survivor is a 1971 D Special, but its twin fog lamps immediately reminded us of the dark blue 1967 Citroën DS Pallas that we once owned in the early seventies. It was a wonderful and comfortable automobile and we would still have it if only... Well, it did have a few faults. Like the rear seat which was almost non-existent, because the previous owner's dog had bitten several large chunks from the stuffing. And then there was a slight problem with the hydraulic suspension which -even in the 1970s- would have cost a horrible amount to repair. The Citroën just wasn't worth it, so we sold it to the local fire department who used it for target practice. Still, we have fond memories of this Citroën and we wouldn't mind owning another one.
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#1 2012-05-05 13:51
nous en avons eu plusieurs fantastique!
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