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That other '69 Charger

When you think of a '69 Charger many of us think of the Dukes' Dodge named General Lee (who made headlines once more last week). But there is another '69 Charger that got famous on the silver screen. It's the star car in 'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' - a 1974 film that is not as bad as it may seem. Hinting in the title to Dirty Harry (1971) it has all the ingredients of an all-American 1970s heist: two cool guys, a robbery, a girl of reproachable behaviour, a fast car, lots of police pursuit vehicles and of course: many, many screeching tyres, whether the cars are driving on tarmac or on gravel roads. Oh - and it stars Peter Fonda too. The full film can be watched online (it is in fact just one mouse click away...) but if you are interested in the Charger alone, it's good to know somebody has made the effort to edit all the Charger scenes into a five minute movie - as above. Enjoy!

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#3 David Johnson 2017-07-13 12:59
It was a Challenger in Vanishing Point
#2 George Cassidy 2017-07-13 12:35
What was the "Vanishing Point" car?
+1 #1 jeffrey vogel 2017-07-12 11:54
Ha ! the best film with a D. charger is
Vanishing Point (1971), also has naked girl on a Honda in desert

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