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Tough to crack car puzzle #164: Trippel SK-10 (SE 107)

Tough to crack car puzzle #164: Trippel SK-10 (SE 107)
Not quite so many answers as we were expecting on last week’s TTCCP (Huh? Tough To Crack Car Puzzle, of course!). Timo Laitinen knew what the duo was about but his answer (‘Trippel’) was perhaps somewhat short. We are used to more from you Timo! Another regular is John Elema, who came up with this: “Trippel SK10 1952. Hans Trippel, who made amphibious cars since 1932, showed SK10 at the 1952 Geneva Salon. It had a Zündapp engine, positioned at rear. For servicing the top rear end of the body could be removed. From 1952/54 production was in France at the old Rosengart works, but with a different body frontend and name, Marathon Corsaire, and Panhard engine. Other ventures Trippel was connected with were Condor, Germany and Troll from Norway. Production of the latter (1956/57, Gutbrod engined) was encumbered by the government that thought it more sensible to trade fish for East-European cars; yearly production of only 15 units was allowed. 1961/68 Trippel built Amphicars.” All excellent, and pretty much in the vein of Alan Spencer’s answer, too.

Winner, however, this time once again is Fried Stol, who told us a tiny little bit more about the mystery and intrigue surrounded by Hans Trippel and filled in our hint to the Gullwing door: “Hans Trippel, a former racing driver, started experimenting with amphibious cars in 1932. During the War he built the amphibious SG6 in the occupied Bugatti works in Molsheim France for the German Army. In May 1950 he introduced the SK10 (TE106) with the first Gull-Wing door (the patent he later on sold to Daimler Benz, which they used on the Mercedes 300SL). These two cars are a TE107 launched in the autumn of 1950 and a convertible made by Böbel in Laupheim power came from a Zündapp boxer twin. Later on he was responsible for the Amphicar.” That’s what we’d hoped for Fried. Congratulations!

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#2 2017-08-16 09:56
It wasn't just East European cars. Rootes Group were allowed to send hundreds more Hillmans to Norway by taking 50000 cases of sild (sardines)
#1 2017-08-12 09:58
The SK10 looks like made of a mix of parts coming from Saab 92 and DKW F89. A rather handsome result ;-)

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