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Tough to crack car puzzle #174

Tough to crack car puzzle #174
Warming up towards our yearly Christmas puzzle, we present you the last of the regular car puzzles of 2017. We’d like to know from you what the car is that we see here. All we’ve erased is the number plate with the rest of the photograph just as it was. What we see is a roadster from the earliest of 1960s. It may ooze Great-Britain with its blunt shape, flat windscreen and two-tone paint, but it isn’t. Actually, it’s from pretty far from there. The manufacturer is well-known, though. This particular model may perhaps not be so well known, but its successor certainly is. It became a huge hit and sold thousands and thousands. And not just in its home country...

So… what exactly is this car? Tell us in your best possible 100-words answer and you may well become the car puzzler of the week and perhaps even the year? Read the rules below first please, before you post your answer and remember the festivities are not far away now.

The Rules

1. Post your answer BEFORE Christmas day, December 25
2. Use no more than 100 words
3. Unless otherwise stated there is ONE winner
4. Be sure to mention if you were an earlier winner (1, 2 or Judge)
5. THREE time winners automatically become jury member, but there is no obligation in any way
6. Check next week Saturday if you are a winner and then provide us with your email address. Send it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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