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Alfa Romeo TZ2 chassis 10511AR750113
What Car was this Tail Light unit made for?




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Tough to Crack Puzzle # 54

If we were to show you the whole car, you certainly would say: "Ah yes, of course, no problem at all." Therefore just a detail of the rear and part of the wing. This makes it a little more difficult, doesn't it? We can help you a bit by telling that this wing line was also more-or-less used on the better-known coupe model of the same year. And we might also add our puzzle car was made by a company that, by the time they introduced this model, had already been in business for more than 100 years. Can we make it more easier for you? Definitely not, so tell us at least the make, model and year and, if possible, that little bit extra to make you stand out from the crowd. But please use no more than 100 words! Please post your answer under "Add new Comment" box below before Monday, March 18. Enjoy this weekend!

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