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Who knows more about Heisig’s microcar?

Who knows more about Heisig’s microcar?
He may not have won our last car puzzle due to a slight information overload, but at least Ace Zenek’s researches led to something else interesting. He wrote: “While researching the Glasspar, I came across this photo of Alfred Heisig and his car. The photograph is from the Middletown Journal of May 1952. I know nothing else about it, but I thought it might possibly make for a good PreWarClassic Quiz? I hope you have a great week!” Well, a quiz is possible, but we don’t think we’ll get many answers.

So how about a plea for more information? All that's known now is, indeed, pretty much limited. Heisig was 21 at the time (and thus could be 86 by now) and was stated to believe he’d built the smallest gasoline-powered car in Berlin, Germany. “It will do 35 miles an hour and travel 70 miles on one gallon of gas.” The two-passenger midget car is 26 inches high and weighs 420 pounds.” That’s all. What strikes us is that a Berlin-built microcar makes it to a local newspaper in Ohio, US. There could be a link there? Someone here may know...

(Picture the Middletown Journal)

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