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Barnards Mainly, but not only, Trike Day

Author: Laurens Friday, 03 February 2017

DDB tricycle_race_banner

Date: April 9th 2017
Location: Barnards Farm, Brentwood Road, West Horndon, Essex, CM13 3LX, UK

The De Dion Bouton club's starter is the second Trike/Quad fun day at Barnards Farm. The essentials are: a practice session, a qualifying time session and a track session. This year the track has been altered to allow the running of a relay race in which Trikes, Quads and Motorcycle combinations can take part and to allow a handicapped start. Please wear a crash helmet.

The central grit course is a laid out shapely oval of 275 meters and the outside track is 287meters. Overtaking will be at your leisure and the race is over 4 laps which is 1 kilometer. The starts this year will be standing starts by push, pedal or engine running. Various track mods have been made to improve safety.

The garden will of be open and with luck the Malus (Crab Apple) blossom should be in full swing. Arrive at any time after 09.00 on the day. The course will be open for practice from 09.30  Qualifying will start at 10.30 and the first track event will be at 11:15.

Teas and Coffees will be available on arrival and lunches will be purchasable at £10.00 a head. In case of the weather being unkind there is plenty of cover within the circuit.

After the racing and lunch there will be a run out and a coffee break at Judi's Café and Antique Shop in Blackmore. The outbound route is 14 miles, ideal for the trikes/quads and older cars although the 'Barnards' De Dion collection will be out on the road as well. The return route is 12 miles.

You may camp or caravan at Barnards, there is a Travel Lodge and Motel (Ye Olde Plough House) nearby. There is ample parking for trailers.

Please email If you are coming: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Club entry fee £5.00 on the day

Organised by Bernard and Sylvia Holmes and Sponsored by

8 Zylinder Engine ?

Author: Siegfried Otto Hepp Sunday, 26 March 2017

8 Zylinder Engine ?Who ca tell me who made thiese 8 Zylinder Engine. It seems for me OHV
European .


A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de Ville

Author: Phil Fletcher Thursday, 23 March 2017

A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de VilleI guess I should add something to this debate even though I cannot solve the problem. Attached is a photo of my 1924 Series SG Turcat Mery (3 litre side valve) undergoing restoration (which it still is). I think you will see that the top of the radiator appears to show the same features in the mystery car as mine although the photo of the mystery is far from clear. Further, the general line, appearance  and proportions from the windscreen forward  are virtually identical based on other photos I have.
This would mean it is not a model UG Turcat similar to Jak's 1925 which has a rounded top to the radiator. Also the mystery car has a much longer wheelbase (similar to mine) than Jak's UG model. But the radiator differs from mine in being taller. Like Jak's car the bottom of the radiator of the mystery car appears to be below the top of the chassis frame. Mine sits on top of the chassis frame. Before 1924 the Turcat Merys had a distinctly different radiator shape - so it would have to be post - 1923 - but Turcat Merys had 4-wheel brakes on everything well before that.
I do not know what it is - other than that I feel certain it is French - but in my opinion it is not a Turcat Mery.

1939 Chevrolet Limo

Author: Andre Thursday, 09 March 2017

1939 Chevrolet LimoThis 1939 Chevrolet streached limousine was recently spotted in Cape Town, South Africa. It appears to be a recent conversion.

A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de ville

Author: Jak Guyomar Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de villeHallo---------Reference to the Magazine item "A French (?) Monday Mystery Coupe de ville" Attached  is the photo of our 1925 Turcat Mery Model UG taken from a similar angle to the Monday Photo.

Daimler replica built by teenager

Author: Korben Guns Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Daimler replica built by teenagerI had been talking for a while about building a replica of a veteran car, when I stumbled upon the Daimler Stahlradwagen, a car which is famous for being Daimlers first serial produced car and the prototype of which was on display in Paris during the 1889 world's fair. My uncle suggested that building a car out of two bicycles and a lawn mower engine would be the most simple, so then I knew it was going to be the Daimler. He managed two find and buy two (almost) identical ladies bicycles, and a lawn mower engine which we had lying around. My father learned me how to weld, so I attached the two bicycles by welding pipes between them. Then I made the wooden bench and floorboards with help from my grandfather, my father took care of the engine and gearbox, the seats are from a cinema, the headlight, which I found on a flee market, is the only real antique piece on the car and then I painted the frame. I've now owned for a year and a half and already driven it for at least one hundred miles, simply because driving through the countryside with a top speed of eight miles an hour is such a joy to me. It's been brought up several times recently that young people aren't interested in really old cars anymore, but here I am: a sixteen year old in a one hundred and twenty eight year old car.

1912 Rock Falls Hearse

Author: Darrin Tuesday, 14 March 2017

1912 Rock Falls HearseThis is my 1912 Rock Falls Hearse.  It was manufactured in Sterling, Illinois by the Rock Falls Manufacturing Company which makes it a very rare automobile.  I believe this is the oldest motorized hearse in the world.

Douglas engine

Author: Nick H Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Douglas engine

Probably from a WW1 generating set but is it based on the pre-war cycle car engine?

Bore and stroke dimensions suggest so at 88 x 88mm, though other have said it could be derived from a Williamson motorcycle unit.

I look forward to some learned opinion.



Beforty Rally 2017

Author: Thomas Slijpen Sunday, 19 March 2017

Beforty Rally 2017

Dear PreWarCar-friends!

You are welcome to participate in the Beforty Rally 2017, during the weekend of 19-20-21 May 2017 in Maastricht, Netherlands. 

One of the few rallies in Europe - for young people, by young people - who love pre-war cars!

For those among you who never participated in this fantastic rally; the rules are quite simple: to participate you must be younger than 40 years of age, and the car must be built before 1940.

In case you currently do not own a vintage car yourself; it is allowed to borrow one from your grandpa, brother-in-law, local museum or make sure you finish your restoration project in time.

Hope to see you at the 2017 Beforty Rally! 

Thomas & the Beforty team 



Model A Ford

Author: Andre Thursday, 09 March 2017

Model A FordThis interesting photo of a c. 1928 Ford A Tourer, with Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesian registration plates, recently appeared on a Rhodesian Facebook site. The car is fitted with some interesting accessories. What appears to be a water container on the left running board and a wood burning contraption on the right running board, with interleading pipes. As there was no real fuel shortage in Southern Rhodesia during WWII, it is unlikely that this modification was used to propel the car. A suggestion from one Rhodesian was, that the Ford might have been used by a tobacco farmer to provide steam to his various tobacco sheds, where his crops were hanging to be flue cured. This seems to be a plausible explanation. However, other suggestions are welcome.

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