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My HILLMAN 14 - 1938

Author: N Farrer Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HILLMAN 14 - 1938

My Hillman 14 restoration complete - only one registered  and on the road in New Zealand - N. Farrer

The Bleasby Hall Sunbeam?

Author: Ariejan Bos Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Bleasby Hall mystery

As promised the (mirrored!) 1910 Sunbeam and the 1911 Sunbeam ad. Hopefully this will give some extra support to my Sunbeam proposal :-)

Ariejan Bos


More Matford stuff :-)

Author: Joop Terpstra Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More Matford stuff :-)I like the discussion regarding the Matford. Here an interesting link


My Fiat 503 Sport

Author: Andreas Fink Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Fiat 503 Sport
Fiat 503 Sport 1926

From ' barn find' to 'good-as-new'.

Author: Robin Batchelor Monday, 10 November 2014

From  barn find to good-as-new. 

Whether you like the term ‘oily rag’ or ‘barn find’ or ‘ripe for restoration’ you have a treat in store on Wednesday 12 November when H & H auctions will offer a car in just such a condition at their Pavilion Gardens sale. The 1928 Alvis 12/50 2-seater has spent the last 40 years stood on blocks after the vendor stopped using it. He bought it in 1965 and the fitting of a rear view mirror and trafficators suggest it was driven regularly and safely ( if you can get in the driver's seat without the handbrake going up your trouser leg!). It will be an easy and rewarding job to recondition this car for use whilst ( I hope) retaining all its patina acquired over many years of quality vintage motoring.

If you want something a little sportier then look at lot 65 – a 1935 Riley 12/4 tourer with twin-cam 4 cylinder engine of 1496cc and 4-speed pre-selector gearbox. In excellent condition all round, this car with modern indicators and full weather equipment is ready for you to settle into the leather upholstery and use it as every day transport.

I confess to having a weak spot for 6-light saloons – there’s something about their spacious sober lines that has a peculiar attraction. This 1934 Austin 16/6 York Saloon has had the benefit of a thorough re-build so its smooth 2.1 Litre 6 cylinder engine can offer trusty transport to its next owner whether it be family motoring, film work or wedding hire.

Another 1934 saloon, of French name but built in Britain, is a Citroen Ten Rosalie with 4 cylinder sidevalve 1465cc engine and 3-speed gearbox which offered 90kph in the year before André Citroën died. Watching the construction of the Eiffel Tower had triggered his interest in engineering and an early visit to Ford’s USA production line led to his success with his car assembly line.

There are three LHD Model A Fords to choose from – a 1930 convertible cabriolet, a red/black 1930 saloon and a grey over black 1930 saloon. All in good order and will no doubt find buyers in the growing band of British enthusiasts who are enjoying these strong reliable cars.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy H&H auctions.


London-Brighton Run 2014

Author: Ariejan Bos Friday, 07 November 2014

London-Brighton Run 2014

To satisfy the needs of some readers I show here some of my photographs of the run. Photos are respectively of the Regent Street show, the start of the run, the Mall, a short pause before going up Westminster bridge and passing the roundabout in Redhill. One photo shows that not all cars made it to the finish on their own power ...

Ariejan Bos 


London-Brighton Run 2014

Author: Ariejan Bos Friday, 07 November 2014

London-Brighton Run 2014Photo series continued! Watch the tearing of the Red Flag!! The weather was quite ok until 11 o'clock, when somebody above opened the drains, and cats and dogs fell all around. 357 out of 440 cars made it to the finish. If the Truchutet steamer was among these I wouldn't know, but I have serious doubts. Robert Panhard (the grandson of !) made a very good impression however with his 1892 Panhard & Levassor, so I imagine he will not have had difficulties to make it to the finish.

Ariejan Bos 

Welsh Trial 1

Author: Anthony Barrett Wednesday, 05 November 2014

Welsh Trial

Fantastic showing for the Bentleys at the Vscc Welsh Trial.


1924 Singer 10 / A Phoenix Green Neighbour Mystery

Author: Kevin Atkinson Sunday, 02 November 2014

A Phoenix Green Neighbour MysteryThis brochure page shows the 1924 Singer 10 as per my comments directly submitted to the page

China4C: A day of rest in Zaozhuang

Author: joris bergsma Thursday, 16 October 2014

A day of rest in Zaozhuang

Sorry chaps, no cars today. Even a rallying reporter has to obey to the rules. And today - yesterday to be exact - was a day of rest & relaxation in the China Classic Cars Challenge. This to gain new energy in view of tomorrow's 200 mile trip. So this day we used up to explore Zaozhuang - also known as Shandong - the place of birth of philosopher Confucius and to indulge in the fabulous hospitality of course director Mr. Zong, here assisted by his most charming PA with a perfect Boston accent showing us how to prepare a local spicy pancake (as served in the top location depicted above). The outrageous variety of food and dishes is just one of the treats of this exotic rally along the highlights of China. Tomorrow back in the MG's bucket seats for a long day of winding and fast back roads leading to Nanjing.
Maybe we should end the day with the wise Confucius' words:

"Man who run in front of car get tired.
 Man who run behind car get exhausted.
 Man who drive like hell, bound to get there."

(source of these confucian sayings)

(Text and pictures Joris Bergsma)

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