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The first Austin 12 open road tourer ever made

Author: Harry Monday, 21 July 2014

the first austin 12 open road tourer ever madeAnd obviously the oldest one , according to the club no open roads were made  until 1927  but after investigation it was discvered three were made  in 1926, only two are still running ,  mine is the oldest and has a completely unique  rear folding passenger screen unknown in any other Austin. The car has all matching numbers and its original registration number,  nearly new tyres. Little flashing indicaters  brake lights and the lights slightly uprated all for safer driving it,  is running on an original coil convarson  for easy starting, all handles out and in are original it is taxed till july 15 costless and no MOT required ,  down side there is a patina of little cracks appearing in the paint in places  allthough overall it looks great. 


editor: Harry we get the impression you like to sell your car.
If so you better start here;
the blog is not meant for or specailly apt for selling a car.  

My 1922 Franklin find

Author: Larry Saturday, 12 July 2014

1922 franklin

This is new pics of my 1922 model 10a coming out of storage hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy the car.


1926 Cadillac restoration

Author: Brent Bevard Sunday, 13 July 2014

1926 Cadillac restoration

This restoration is nearly complete but cant find the heads for the 1926 Cadillac 314 motor under the hood.

Brent Bevard

editor: Brent, take our advise, post a Wanted Advert with picture of your car plus location of the missing part under the hood. 


unidentified studs

Author: Bill Coates Sunday, 13 July 2014

unidentified studs

Does any recognise these studs and nuts. They are extremely well made 1  3/16" (30mm) overall length; 11/16" (18mm) at long end and 5/16" (9mm) at short.  They are 7/16" diam at 22tpi.  This makes them UNF according to my reckoning, but the deep nuts are for 7/16 BSF spanner size.  They may have hub or brake drum retaining application?  Lagonda?  Bentley?

Any help appreciated!


CNHMTFC July 12, 2014 tour

Author: Warren Henderson Monday, 14 July 2014

CNHMTFC July 12, 2014 tour

The Central New Hampshire Model T Ford Club's July 12th tour, thanks to Carl Goodman was a great tour! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute I was on tour. There is no better way to spend a Saturday than touring in your Model T with a great group of friends! The farm was a wonderful place to visit and the High Tide in Hillsborough was a great place for lunch.

Happy motoring,



Delivery box

Author: Charlie Shaver Thursday, 10 July 2014

Delivery boxUnknown delivery box for small vehicle. May be European in origin, posibly 3 wheeled? 44" wide by 39" tall by 51" long, the door opening is 36" wide by 28" tall. Note the distinctive running light. Any help with identification appreciated.

German mystery axle

Author: Jürgen Wednesday, 09 July 2014

unbekannte AchsenHello I am restoring a Dodge C3 pick-up. While looking for parts I found this rear axle, yet have no idea what it came from. Central greasing and mechanical braking. The sizes of the axles are 110cm wide, 4 lugs with bolt pattern 100mm, the lugs are brass with an R on it. I think the parts are German, the screws are signed “Verbus”.

Hallo, eigentlich restauriere ich einen Dodge C3 Pick Up und suche immer Teile.
In diesem Zusammenhang  habe diese beiden Achsen gekauft und kann sie keinem Hersteller zuordnen.
 Sie müsten um 1920 sein- Gestängebremsen und Zentralschmierung.


1928 Austin Heavy Twelve

Author: MR GEORGE C CATLOW Tuesday, 08 July 2014

1928   Austin  Heavy TwelveThis is a unique vintage vehicle converted during
the second world war so as to be allowed extra petrol coupons,
as a commercial

Mercedes 230 w143 OTP and a w18

Author: hansvdc Friday, 04 July 2014

Mercedes 230 w143 OTP and a w18A w143 230  otp and a w18 290

Hans v.d. C. 

prewar postcard

Author: Colin Balanescu Wednesday, 02 July 2014

prewar postcard

I am presenting you a prewar postcard with multiviews, depicting old Bucharest (Romania) pictures. Probably from 1910 decade or early 1920. The question is - of course - the make and model of the car.


Brst regards,


Colin Balanescu


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