My PreWarCar

My Avon Light Six " Standard" Car ,1928 to 1930

Avon Light Six " Standard" Car ,1928 to 1930I had it in here to get it indentified about 9 month ago. Its sitting in a garage for the last 25 years now. I wanted to restore it when I retire. Well I am retired now but I have not got the power to do this anymore. The car is situated in Germany, near Frankfurt. It seems to be complete and has not been tampered with, exept that the radiator is missing ( already when I got it).

editor: dear Sven, you should try and put up an advert for your car. Start here: 


#2 2013-12-15 22:03

It's a 1931'ish Standard Avon Swan Coupe. Probably a Little Twelve engine.
#1 R.Mawer 2013-12-04 16:43
This is of course a rare car, & really should be back in its homeland-the UK.I do hope the owner will advertise it for sale in

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