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11 stedentocht

Author: gerrit postmus Tuesday, 30 May 2017

11 stedentochtWe made also an attempt to finish the rally. we started in our Overland 8O (year 1915) but due the lack off oil presure, luckely near our home. We finished the rally with our 10 year younger Citroen trefle. Old soldiers never die, the only fade away.

Editor: well said Gerrit. I hope you enjoyed your day anyway.


Author: William Smyth Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I am trying to find some information about an Adler which I am currently working on.  I am trying to find out what the drive in the picture is for.  It is driven from the camshaft and the lower end drives the oil pump.  I am also trying to find out if these engines are fitted with an oil pressure guage or some other type of oil indicator.  I've been unable to find any pictures of this 13/30 model and hope that your readers may be able to help me out.

The RIAC Pioneer Run Sunday 28th May 2017

Author: Noel Hughes Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The RIAC Pioneer Run Sunday 28th May 2017On the weekend of the 28th May 2017  we participated in a very plesant rally organised by The Royal Irish Automobile Club, one of the oldest car clubs in the world. The run was for Brighton cars,  pre 1904 and veteran cars pre 1918. We travelled through the lovely flat fruit and vegatable growing area of North Co,  Dublin, Ireland. The people of the area really got into the spirit of the rally and were out in family groups waving us along and taking photographs as we travelled along the quiet country roads, all this within a stones throw of our capital city. I was a passanger with my daughter Katie, the only female driver taking part. Our Car is a 1911 Renault AX. an Irish Registered car from new, us being  the fourth Irish owner.

Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?

Author: Johannes Woskowski Sunday, 28 May 2017

Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?Here you can see another radiotor mascot.weight 1 kg on my 1923 Leon Paulet,one of four exist.

Acetylene Canister

Author: German Victor Morelli Saturday, 27 May 2017

Acetylene CanisterHi, I´m from Cordoba, Argentina.
Need information for this Acetylene canister/generator year and maker unknown! Maybe belongs to a FIAT or Isotta Fraschini, really not sure.
Many thanks!

fold out map inside promotional booklet with mercedes Daimler

Author: Sharon Blakey Wednesday, 24 May 2017

fold out map inside promotional booklet with mercedes Daimler

I found this booklet when unpacking some to the boxes I hurriedly packed from a estate I cleaned out here in Kewanee Illinois. It may or may not be of interest to your group, the Mercedes -Automobile Daimler-Lastwagen at least advertised on the front cover if nothing else. The estate sale was not well attended and I knew the organizer slightly and asked what he was going to do with everything. He said their instructions were to rent a dumpster and throw it all away if it did not sell the owners wanted the house cleared out as the owner was the daughter who lived in singaphor with her husband she had Alzheimers advanced and when they came back to her parents house she became too agitated searching for them the entire time. They were a family that traveled the world most of their lives, she taught paino and was very active in the symphony world. Her sister in the art world  The father was originally from Norway, I felt I came to know them through cleaning out the house acutally wished I had known them. I am sure the map I have was picked up during travels the father seemed to love cars very much. He had a very nice vintage Volvo I imagine I may run onto more items there are some circular patches that look like car clubs from various places around the world I imagine he collected also. I did not  take a photo of the map unfolded if you would like I can do so and send it but it is so large and I would hate to tear it, so far I see no damage to it.  If I can provide any further info please let me know, I do so appreciate your interest in this piece I have pretty much run up against a blank  wall in my research of it which is sort of unusual, I can usually find almost anything on the internet. Thank you. Sharon Blakey

1st photo is the front of the cover

2nd photo is a close up of the top of the front of the cover

3rd photo is a close up ot the bottom of the front of the cover

4th photo of the back of the cover

5th photo is pic of one of the front pages there are two and the work appears to have been done by hand to put this together

6th photo gives you a idea of the size of the map even still folded it is folded four times each way so ends up quite large.


FN-BMW 319/45 1935

Author: Richard Friday, 19 May 2017

FN-BMW 319/45 1935This car was originally owned by John Eason-Gibson who used it in competitions in the mid thirties including 1936 RAC Rally and Brooklands Driving Tests. It is picture in Denis Jenkinson's book 'Chain Drive to Turbocharger' at Brooklands where John is at the wheel with Bill Body (WB late editor of Motor Sport) in the passenger seat.

The car was taken off the road in 1963 suffereing from oil pressure problems. I acquired it in 1987 as an incomplete wreck and completed its restoration in 2106. The engine was rebuilt by Tony Byford of Swindon and the bodywork was undertaken by David Cale of Worcester

Military Issue Clock

Author: Steve Hughes Sunday, 14 May 2017

Military Issue ClockDoes anyone know what these were fitted to.?   A/l\D is R.N.A.S. isuue WW1 and Birch&Gydon supplied many items to the Military.
It is in an Aluminium bayonet case for dash mounting and has the Time of trip extra dial.
Would be nice to know for sure what it's original use was....will look good in an early car anyway.

Véhicule NAPIER

Author: RIOU PH Sunday, 14 May 2017

Véhicule NAPIERDIEPPE 1998
HUTTON 1908 Construite par D.NAPIER & Fils
Véhicule piloté par W.Watson remporta le TOURIST TROPHY en 1908 sur l'ILE de MAN
Véhicule ayant appartenu à Bryan GOODMAN - REIGATE 

trying to trace which car this relates to

Author: Al Sunday, 14 May 2017

trying to trace which car this relates toThis hub was in a box of parts when I bought a 1936 Armstrong Siddley Drop Head Coupe. I sold the car after restoration and the autioneer confirmed it was not related to the car (but couldnt help on identification) so I held on to it. Can anyone help me trace which car it migh relate to. 

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