Show your pre-war car

1938 German Ford Eifel

1938 German Ford EifelI bought this car as pictured in  Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA, in 1975. It is partially dissembled at present time. It sits on a "Y" chassis with mechanical rod actuated brakes, 10 hp engine and 3 spd transmission. The bumpers on the car are not correct, but correct v shaped damaged ones came with it. The body is not the normal roadster or cabriolet style, as it has an area behind the seat and the spare tire mount behind a small rumble seat lid(but no seat) on the surface.  The windshield post is wood with metal formed around it, with the little turn signal arms that come out. It also has wood through-out the body. I think the top is still original hartz cloth. 
  Does anyone know the value of this car or how rare it might be?  I saw one other similar on the Internet but was obviously old pictures of one driving on the street in an European country.

Author: Laurens Sunday, 12 November 2017