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Bugatti Replicas

Dear Editor,

Please do not pollute your wonderful website with adverts such as the one today for the Bugatti Replica. It is not a replica of a PreWar Bugatti. If the advert has to be placed anywhere, please find a place far away from PreWarCar.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Ellis


#1 Patrick 2017-11-21 09:37
There is a big difference indeed , just look at watches and paintings. A real Monet is worth millions, a replica, even made extremely well, just a few hundreds. (Even if they are made in Argentina)
And then we didn't speak about the "specials", original destroyed cars…. just the value of scrap. As it is not the real thing at all.
So a separate list for replica's and "specials" would be nice.

Who will pay huge amounts for a fake Rolex or one what is completely changed?

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