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Hispano-Suiza Jaeger clock

Hispano-Suiza Jaeger clockA few years ago, my mothers french grandfather passed away. He didn´t leave much behind to my mother, but in a box she found this clock, and gave it to me since I´m interested of everything that moves. I almost forgot I had it, until i found it a few days ago, I tried to search on the net, but i didn't find a lot about Hispano-Suiza instrumentation. Does anybody here know how old this clock might be? Or what car model it comes from? The clock itself is mecanically in excellent condition, little bit dust here and there though.

editor: dear Christin, this kind of clock made by Jaeger is typical for many French quality cars in the twenties. But the fact that it is marked with Hispano Suiza makes is extra attractive. 


#1 2014-02-13 21:18
Dear Christin, this clock comes from an H6B or H6C Hispano-Suiza of the period 1925-1930 (approximately) . It is an 8-day clock. It was mounted on the fully equipped dashboard of the H6 Hispano, which also included a speedometer, rev counter, Nivex fuel gauge, volt meter, amp meter, water temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge. Would be nice if you could find a picture of the Hispano of your mother's grandfather, or trace its license plate, or chassis number. With that its history could be researched. Best regards, Hans

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