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Bugatti Replicas

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Author: HUGH ELLIS Friday, 17 November 2017

Dear Editor,

Please do not pollute your wonderful website with adverts such as the one today for the Bugatti Replica. It is not a replica of a PreWar Bugatti. If the advert has to be placed anywhere, please find a place far away from PreWarCar.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Ellis

Voisin follow-up (in case the text failed to get sent earlier.... Mike

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Author: Michael Rose Sunday, 12 November 2017

Voisin follow-up (in case the text failed to get sent earlier.... MikeSome other lucky lad's C14....

I was already greatly enamoured by photos of Gabriel Voisin's cars when I flew from New Zealand back to England in 1967.

Finding a magnificent 3 1/2-litre Bentley sedanca coupe lying derelict on the South Coast within a few days of touch-down at Heathrow, that did distract me slightly I admit.... but Exchange and Mart got me back on the Voisiniste trail one Thursday morning .... Thursday being a(s)low time for productive work in an architect's office, until the magazine had been speedily perused over morning coffee.

Spotted an advert for a tiny stash of Voisin parts. Realised they were the missing parts of the "second" car, parts-car to RX9550, the 1929 C14 Chartreuse that had disappeared from UK history in recent times.

Couldn't get the bits back home fast enough.... a FIAT 500 helped slow things right down to a crawl that night.

A few months later, I found the guy who had the old Voisin saloon. John had done a huge restoration job, and I fell deeply in love with the car.

No he didn't ever want to part with it but.... but....

I remembered that one of the Voisin parts was one feather, only one, broken off the original oiseau-volante aluminium mascot. I spotted John's restored car mascot would indeed be missing a feather in the wind.

John and Mike met over a Cointreau at a WestEnd London niteclub....nothing to do with old cars (I just fancied Mrs John, but that's another tale)

De dion bouton.

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Author: rob ronky Monday, 16 October 2017

De dion bouton.Hello here is a photo negative i have. It's an early dion as you can see. with a female driver. 2nd photo is photoshoped to show what it would look like printed.  post it if you like...rob.


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Author: Joseph Schmitt Friday, 27 October 2017

COTE.Noch ein paar Bilder vom COTE Motor ! Sehr Selten!!!

Some things look better in black and white.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Some things look better in black and white.Striving to convice myself I had captured the essence of a period C4 Amilcar in a recreation, resorted to some computr manipulation seems to have done the trick:-)  

My Salmson VAL 3 série 5 1925

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Author: Daniel Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Salmson VAL 3 série 5 1925Not painted yet...

Reims Swapmeet

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Author: john elema Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Reims SwapmeetLast weekend Reims, France, hosted its yearly swapmeet and a former enthusiastic report on PWC pages made us decide to travel there. It was worth every effort. With fine weather, the atmosphere was sunny as well and we were surprised, where some other markets present mainly postwar parts these days, to find heaps of prewar stuff (photo's 1 & 2), being it chiefly of French origin of course. Great to take your twins to a show in style was this pram (photo 3) and if we had not had our car the H. Housset tandem bike (photo 4) might have been an option to take us home. With our limited French, discussing sales was at times hilarious but dit not preclude our departure with some nice acquisitions some of which we were happy to find at the 'five and dime' shop (photo 5). 

Words and photos: John Elema

Bugatti gauges

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Author: Gregory Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bugatti gaugesyesterday I was lucky enough to purchase these gauges for my special they are very similar to bugatti gauges but they haven't got Bugatti printed on the faces can anybody give me any more information about these quality gauges

Foden Steam Truck

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Author: Trevor Rubie Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Foden Steam Truck

Thought this may be of interest to readers.

This Foden steam truck was touring around Central Otago this weekend. It was built in England in 1925, used in Masterton when it was new. It is a three-way tipper. The current owners bought it back to NZ from Australia about 3 years ago.

Trevor Rubie


The Ellis Journey

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Author: LK Friday, 20 October 2017

The Ellis Journey

The Weekend of 30th June – 1st July 2018                                     
The De Dion Bouton Club UK cordially invites you to take part in the weekend event starting with the participants Vehicle Display on Saturday 30th June from noon to 4.00pm and an Evening BBQ at The Norton Park Hotel near Winchester. Sunday 1st July at 8.26 am we re-enact the historic 5th July 1895 journey by pioneer automobilist the Hon Evelyn Ellis (Evie) and recorded by his passenger Frederick Simms. Their route was on the unpaved Old London Coaching Road from Micheldever Station to Evie’s riverside home in Datchet. They drove his newly acquired 1895 French left hand drive Panhard et Levassor Petroleum Motor Carriage in contravention of the law at a speed in excess of 4 miles per hour and without an attendant walking in front with a red flag.
This re-enactment is a non-competitive event of approximately 48 miles(24 miles for pedal cycles)  and is open to all makes and types of 2, 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles built up to 31st December 1904. Entry vehicles can be powered by Petroleum, Spirit, Steam, Electric and including pedal cycles and other horseless mechanical road transport with or without motor power.

The Start and Finish. 
The oldest and least powerful vehicles will start first from The Norton Park Hotel which is located 3 miles from the original Journey start of Micheldever Station. The first vehicles will leave the hotel at 8.26 am (pedal cycles will start at 8.26am from the White Lion Antiques, coffee stop just outside Hartley Wintney) (which is the same as Ellis’s start time of 9.26am 1895 GMT or solar time) and follow the Old London Coaching route as far as practical passing The Hon Evelyn Ellis’s house “Rosenau” (now “Woolacombe”). Vehicles arriving at the Datchet Green before the punctual arrival time of 4.40 pm will be awarded with an Ellis Journey Finisher’s Medal. The finish is a carnival atmosphere with Jazz on Datchet Village Green. Vehicles arriving after 4.40 pm will be classed as non-finishers. Road signage and detailed route map and instructions will be provided. 

The headquarters hotel is the 4 star Norton Park Hotel, Sutton Scotney, Nr Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3NB we have limited number of rooms allocated at a special rate please contact Emma Hurst, Cluster Events Manager Tel 01962 763008 Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and quote reference “The Ellis Journey”.
 You are responsible for your own Hotel bookings and settle your own accounts.
Parking for cars and trailers at start. 
Parking for entered vehicles and trailers are available at the Norton Park Hotel in a designated area (please do not park in the hotel guests car parks.) 
Transport & parking for cars & trailers at Datchet 
We are able to offer overnight parking for cars & trailers in Datchet close to the finish on Saturday night. We can also offer transport back to the Norton Park Hotel on Saturday. Overnight parking in Datchet and one person transport back to the Norton Park Hotel £36.00 payable at the time of booking to the De Dion Bouton Club UK / The Ellis Journey
 Entry Information 
Details of the event Saturday and Sunday. 
Saturday 30th June A static participants Vehicle Display in the afternoon from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm will be held in the grounds in front of the Norton Park Hotel from 12.00 noon – 4.00pm (for visitors information please can you place a board on your vehicle with interesting history and details about your vehicle) this display will be for the public and press to view the vehicles taking part, (this is at no extra cost to the participants). 
Saturday Evening BBQ a group barbecue has been arranged at the Norton Park Hotel at £22.00 per person payable at the time of entry booking to the De Dion Bouton Club UK / The Ellis Journey.
Sunday 1st July The re-enactment of The Ellis Journey will start after breakfast at 8.26 am from The Norton Park Hotel stopping on route at Micheldever Station for Photos and near Hartley Wintney for coffee /tea and finishing with Jazz on the Green in Datchet Village. Road signage and detailed route map and instructions will be provided. A luggage van service is available from the start to the finish. 
Event Entry Form. 
An event entry form is included with this pack please complete all sections Sign and return as soon as posable all entries have to be received before closing date of 1st May 2018 with payment and photo of your vehicle to Lawrie Smith at the address shown on the booking form. 
Presentation Gifts. 
All participants crossing the start line within one hour of the official start time of 8.26am will receive a starter’s commemorative gift. Crossing the start line after 9.26 am will be deemed a nonstarter. 
All participants finishing on Datchet Village Green before the official punctual finishing time of 4.40 pm precisely will receive a punctual arrival medal. All arrivals at Datchet Village Green after 4.40 pm will be deemed as non-finishers.
Period Dress
This is a fun event with a lot of the general public seeing us at the start, on route and at the finish so we would encourage you and your passengers to wear period dress, if dressing up is not for you perhaps just a Bowler or Top hat

The De Dion Bouton Club UK Membership. 
This event is organised by the Dion Bouton Club UK. If you are not already a member we would welcome you to join before the closing date of 1st May 2018 as you can benefit from a reduction in your entry fee. You do not need to own a De Dion Bouton Cycle or powered vehicle, enthusiast members are very welcome to join, an application form  can be download  from the club’s web site please return the completed joining form and fees to Steve Burt at the address shown on the form. 
Event Application Rejection. 
The De Dion Bouton Club UK reserve the right to reject any application if it is considered that the vehicle being entered was not built up to 31st December 1904 or for any other reason it considers to be so serious to warrant rejection, in this situation the De Dion Bouton Club UK decision is final.
Payment and Return Payment
All event fees, transport costs, BBQ costs and any other costs must be paid to the De Dion Bouton Club UK (DDB) before the 1st May 2018. Refunds will be made if an entrant cancels and notifies the organisers in writing before the 1st May 2018 or if the organisers cancel the event at any time.     
Acknowledgement of the risks of taking part in a non-competitive public road event. 
In the spirit of the friendly nature of the event, participants agree to hold the organisers and their helpers harmless in all respects and accept responsibility for themselves, their passengers, their helpers and their vehicles which must be in a roadworthy condition. 
Participants must read and understand the entry form and this accompanying Entry Information sheet before signing the entry form.
Entry Forms 
Please send in your entry form as soon as posable as entry numbers are limited 
Only signed Entries Forms will be accepted.

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