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11 stedentocht

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Author: gerrit postmus Tuesday, 30 May 2017

11 stedentochtWe made also an attempt to finish the rally. we started in our Overland 8O (year 1915) but due the lack off oil presure, luckely near our home. We finished the rally with our 10 year younger Citroen trefle. Old soldiers never die, the only fade away.

Editor: well said Gerrit. I hope you enjoyed your day anyway.

The RIAC Pioneer Run Sunday 28th May 2017

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Author: Noel Hughes Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The RIAC Pioneer Run Sunday 28th May 2017On the weekend of the 28th May 2017  we participated in a very plesant rally organised by The Royal Irish Automobile Club, one of the oldest car clubs in the world. The run was for Brighton cars,  pre 1904 and veteran cars pre 1918. We travelled through the lovely flat fruit and vegatable growing area of North Co,  Dublin, Ireland. The people of the area really got into the spirit of the rally and were out in family groups waving us along and taking photographs as we travelled along the quiet country roads, all this within a stones throw of our capital city. I was a passanger with my daughter Katie, the only female driver taking part. Our Car is a 1911 Renault AX. an Irish Registered car from new, us being  the fourth Irish owner.

Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?

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Author: Johannes Woskowski Sunday, 28 May 2017

Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?Here you can see another radiotor mascot.weight 1 kg on my 1923 Leon Paulet,one of four exist.

FN-BMW 319/45 1935

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Author: Richard Friday, 19 May 2017

FN-BMW 319/45 1935This car was originally owned by John Eason-Gibson who used it in competitions in the mid thirties including 1936 RAC Rally and Brooklands Driving Tests. It is picture in Denis Jenkinson's book 'Chain Drive to Turbocharger' at Brooklands where John is at the wheel with Bill Body (WB late editor of Motor Sport) in the passenger seat.

The car was taken off the road in 1963 suffereing from oil pressure problems. I acquired it in 1987 as an incomplete wreck and completed its restoration in 2106. The engine was rebuilt by Tony Byford of Swindon and the bodywork was undertaken by David Cale of Worcester

Véhicule NAPIER

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Author: RIOU PH Sunday, 14 May 2017

Véhicule NAPIERDIEPPE 1998
HUTTON 1908 Construite par D.NAPIER & Fils
Véhicule piloté par W.Watson remporta le TOURIST TROPHY en 1908 sur l'ILE de MAN
Véhicule ayant appartenu à Bryan GOODMAN - REIGATE 

my 1913 morris oxford poplar

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Author: john Sunday, 07 May 2017

my 1913 morris oxford poplarthis is my 1913 morris oxford bullnose poplar it still has its original WHITE & POPPE ENGINE GEARBOX AND WHITE & POPPE  CARB the only thing that is not original is the canvas hood  car still runs and drives perfect

Belsize quiz.

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Author: Neil Burdock Monday, 01 May 2017

Belsize quiz.

Hello, I rarely have a clue regading your pre war quiz items. However when I saw the picture I remembered I had seen it in one of my motoring books. The book is titled "The Autocar Handbook" and  subtitled " A Guide to the Motor Car". It was printed by Iliffe & Sons and is the tenth edition. Although the book is not dated, within the script and amongst the adverts the date appears to be September 1920. There are one or two adverts for cars made just after the war which dissapeared a few years later.

The Deemster, The All british Stafford, 5 cylinder Radial Enfield-Allday, Storey and a view of a V8 engine "The King".

Neil Burdock



Farewell My Lovely....

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Author: jeff Perkins Sunday, 30 April 2017

Farewell My Lovely....I am always both happy and sad when one sells a car owned for a long time. The buyer got a good one!!


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Author: Calum Hamilton Monday, 24 April 2017

AutoviaDear Pre war car,
Attached is a pic of my 1937 Autovia saloon,we have just attended the ''Sunday Scramble" at Bicester Heritage.
The reson for my message is a request,July will see the 20th Autovia rally and we are attempting to get as many Autovias together as possible (the record to date is 5).

I am attempting to locate and contact the owner of  the "special saloon" that is somewhere in Europe.
The car was sold by H&H at an I W M Duxford  sale and subsequently sold by Lankes Auction house in Germany after which contact has been lost.

Could I ask through your pages that if the owner of someone that knows of the cars whereabouts(or indeed any missing Autovias) contact Gordon Thomas through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A 1931 23.8 Ho Sunbeam

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Author: Anthony Charles Monday, 13 March 2017

A 1931 23.8 Ho Sunbeam
 This photo taken somewhere in Germany shows me as the proud owner after buying the car from the original owner for £70 then driving none stop down to Munich where I was staying for a few weeks. Whilst there driving fast on unmade roads broke a half shaft, but luckily a Mercedes Lorry one was altered to fit. Those were  the days, about 1959. I do hope the car still exists as I loved it, but being rather hard up it was rather thirsty so had to buy something smaller.

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