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Can anyone help identify this car?

Can anyone help identify this car?I have been guided to your webiste via the Aviation forum, with regards to this 1913 postcard photograph of pioneer aviator Gustav Hamel, and in trying to identify the make and model of the car he is driving in it.

Photograph was taken summer of 1913 at Hendon Aerodrome.  Does anyone know what kind of car this is, please? 


#5 2014-06-26 14:10
Thanks for your replies. I have just had word from another old car enthusiast and he agrees with the Vinot-Deguingand identification, so puzzle solved, I hope. Thank you all.
#4 Robin Batchelor 2014-06-13 19:16
No luck identifying the car yet - but I live in hope!
#3 2014-06-09 09:39
Which could very well be! Gustav(e?) Hamel had another modified 1906 Mercedes of which a photo appeared on (Sept. 5, 2012). This one however looks somewhat different, so unclear if it is the same one. But obviously the car has chain drive (which rules out my earlier suggestions of course!) and the overall looks er identical.
#2 2014-06-07 22:27
It is well disguised with different bodywork etc, but looking at the levers, steering wheel and short wheelbase it looks to me like a 1906 racing Mercedes.
#1 2014-06-07 17:11
This is not an easy one and the quality of the photo doesn't really help. Certainly this car must be a special, but based on what I would have to guess. Aviators loved Grégoire and Vinot & Deguingand. They were sporty and trendy. In this case the basis could well be a Vinot & Deguingand. The long dumb-irons match and so does the reversed sloping hinge-line of the bonnet. Also the radiator seems to have a straight (and not roundish) sloping line. So perhaps Vinot, but I wouldn't take a bet on it! Also I wonder what 'thing' is attached to the radiator filler tube. So, I'm really hoping for a better scan ...

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