Show a pre-war mystery

Gearbox "automobilette"

Gearbox "automobilette"Can you help me ?
I don't now frow witch car this gearbox come from.
There is 2 gears and reverse.
This separate gearbox is fitted on a tubular chassis.
The Phoebus Aster is called "automobilette" perhap this part come from this car !!

Thanks for your help



#3 Fons Alkemade 2017-11-22 00:10
I think I know quite a lot about surviving cars of less known French car makers and unfortunately not one single Automobilette seems to have survived. So I guess that your gearbox is about the only original piece from these cars which is still around. Take good care of it!
#2 Dominique Barbault 2017-11-19 13:56
My pre-war mystery is resolved.
I find ann article in 1921 june issue "la vie automobile" about "voiturette CAB Automobilette"
The gearbox is the same. The scan of this documents are here :

Howmeny CAB are survivor ?

Thanks you for your help.
#1 john elema 2017-10-31 14:01
According to G.N. Georgano Automobilette is a French make. From 1911-1924 they built cycle- and monocars, initially with own engines. And probably own gearboxes. My guess is this is one of those.
French make Phébus were imported to England and sold there as Automobilettes.

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