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Hire Car Identification (update: 1926 Austin 20 (Ranalagh Limousine?)

Car IdentificationI have come across this photo of my grandparents with their first hire car.  My grandfather ran a business in Uplyme/Lyme Regis for several years in the early 1900's.
I am trying to find out what car it is. I guess it is an Austin as he would never buy anything else for his business. Even when he retired he bought an A40.
Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Gould


#1 2013-12-01 14:28
Hi, From the slope of the scuttle, the position of the sidelamp and bracket type, the size and location of the airvent, windscreen, wiper and mirror, this looks very much like a cca 1926 Austin 20 , possibly the Ranalagh Limousine. Regards Bozi Mohacek

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