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If you have a photo of a mystery car or motorcycle you are most welcome to share it.

Show a pre-war mystery 

Claudel Hobson BAZ

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Author: Alan Eveson Thursday, 29 September 2016

Claudel Hobson BAZ
This is a Claudel Hobson carb I bought a while back. I was looking for an AZP, but when this was described as a BAZ I assumed it was a typo and bought it anyway. I have nicknamed it the Santa Claus Carb for obvious reasons!

I know why it's multi-coloured, it came from a college where it would have been used to demonstrate/teach students.

Interestingly the face would normally have four screws to hold it on, this has only two and the other two have been carefully blanked. Again it would normally have four bolts holding top to bottom, but this has only two with the other two carefully blanked. Why? To make it easier for the students to disassemble?

It's missing the bolt that goes underneath the idle jet but apart from that it's complete.

The other mystery for me is what would it have been on originally? The top half is identical to a Sunbeam 3-litre  (Twincam) AZP, I have a pair of those for my project.



clock from an old french car ?

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Author: JP COTTE Thursday, 29 September 2016

clock from an old french car ?Hello
I'm looking for informations about this clock which is likely to come from an old french car.
I have no idea about the model of the car, the year etc .... but I would really appreciate to learn more about this "Octomas" in Besançon.
The clock functions and I will probably sell it, so if someone is interested in it, please let me know

Best regards

Unknown veteran motorcycle frame

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Author: Lindsay Wheeler Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Unknown veteran motorcycle frameCan anyone identify the motorcycle frame in the attached pictures. The frame was purchased in Australia. I have seen a photo of one other near identical frame. Like myself they were trying to identify the frame. Unfortunately I have been unable to contact them.  Any information appreciated.

gearbox mystery

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Author: Dariusz Sunday, 25 September 2016

gearboxCan anyone help identify this gearbox ? Initials HW and HL86W. Every single information is greatly appreciated.I am Polish and I use the Google translator.I greet warmly. Dariusz .

Unknown Body

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Author: Robbert Janzen Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Unknown BodyWho Knows of what car this body is?

We think a Left hand drive French car from mid 1920's  

Avoid Ebay member 'kilgornsspoon' aka Simon Powell

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Author: Simon powell Monday, 19 September 2016

Mystery tank

A Mr. S.P. asked the below question and was kindly answered by our readers. We directed somebody who was interested in obtaining the part. Despite several contact attempts he didn't answer to nothing. In he vanished in the mist of the web to pop up 10 days later at Ebay with a very expensive listing based on the identification by PreWarCar readers. We suggest that Ebay will take away the 'positive feedback' of this chap. His ill behaviour is a stain on the hobby and on Ebay. 

"I recently found this tank and was hoping one of your members / users might be able to identify It for me . It's copper or brass , beautifully engineered and is in great condition under the patina . My guess is it's Edwardian and maybe an oil reserve tank . Silver ghosts have them on their left side running board.


A tiny picture without info

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Author: Radu Comsa Wednesday, 31 August 2016

tiny picture with no other info

Radu Comsa

Assist with identifying car make/model/year

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Author: Jason Thursday, 01 September 2016

Assist with identifying car make/model/year

Can you or someone you know please help identify the make/model/year of this car?  The photograph was taken in Wisconsin (USA) and the car is presumably an American make.  I have not yet found any vehicles that match the curvature of the rear door, but my identification skills for cars of this era are unremarkable.

Thank you!  Jason

A 1915 mystery

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Author: Gaute Sunday, 28 August 2016

A little mysteryPhoto from a long gone hot summer of 1915... Norway. Picture of my great, great aunt and her unknown friend. The plate shows the number A563 (Oslo), but I can't find any info before 1922 - and then this number are clearly placed at another car. So, have anybody a clue what car we see here?

Gaute Öiseth (owner of 2pc  1923Star - yes, american made, not very fashionable, but they are good enough for me!)

Sthenos carburetter

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Author: Sarah bettsworth Friday, 15 July 2016

Sthenos carburettaI hope you don't mind me contacting you but my father has the above engine part and wondered whether you could shed some light on get on it in terms of age, type of vehicle it may have come from and possible value, with a view to selling. Dad has had this for many years but I am helping him to clear out his house a little and to sell some bits and bobs that he doesn't use.

Sarah Bettsworth 

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