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Solex 22mm carby for a .... ?

solex 22mm carbyCan anyone advise which vehicle this carby is from? My 80 year old neighbour has had it stored in his shed for over 65 years and wants to know if it is of use to anyone?


dear Ty, please chck the carb for a number/leter code. With that peaopel can identify for which car it was meant. Most probably french. After that you can offer it for sale here


#4 Craig Little. 2015-11-24 05:29
Looks Like the carby on my 1500cc B2 Citroen.
It uses a 19 mm venturi, 45 idler jet and 90 main jet.
#3 hendrix 2014-08-28 16:35
This carb only fits small engine as it's a 22mm venturi, so french cars about 950-1000 cc, like Citroen Trèfle, Amilcar CC / CS. For bigger engines like CGSs, you will need to find a Solex 26, with 17-18 diameter venturi.
#2 2014-06-17 20:19
Hi Andy,
It will fit a small Bugatti with a 4 cylinder 1500cc engine, like a Type 37 or Type 40 but I ones put it on a Amilcar CGSs from 1927 and that car only had 1100 cc but the engine ran perfect with it. So it fits to 4 cylinder sportcars of French origin of the 20´s. Good Luck! Joop
#1 2014-06-12 15:15
I have a very similar one on my 1925 Darracq 12/32. Might be interested if I knew jets sizes and float weight. Andy W

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