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Truck & Tractor Appliance Co Anvers hubcap

Truck & Tractor Appliance Co Anvers hubcapDear editor,
I have this battered old brass hubcap in my collection on which it says
'Truck & Tractor Appliance Co Anvers'.
Could this be Anvers CA? Any additional informations welcomed.
Thanks, John Elema



#5 2016-05-04 18:59
john elema i seen the article about your hubcap. and found it interesting. i collect threaded hubcaps and over a 100 you collect threaded hubcaps?if so get me your email address. thanks dennis
#4 Mathieu Cuppens 2014-05-07 23:29
Improvements in motor vehicles, lorries, trailers or the like United Kingdom Patent 343258-A

343,258. Motor vehicle driving-gear. TRUCK & TRACTOR APPLIANCE CO., Ltd., Avenue Salvia, Merxem, Antwerp, Belgium. Jan 3, 1930, No. 283. Convention date, Nov. 28, 1929. [Class 79 (ii).] In motor lorries or like vehicles of the six-wheeled type, the driving axle 9 and the supplementary axle 8 are connected by ball- and-socket joints 11 to two rigid bars 6 pivotally mounted on a common transverse rod 5 which carries also the seats 4 for the vehicle springs 3 ; the supplementary axle 8 is rotated from the driving-axle for example by means of pinions 12 .. 15 and chains 16.
TitleImprovemen ts in motor vehicles, lorries, trailers or the like Application NumberGB19300000283 19300103 Publication Number343258 (A) Application DateJanuary 3, 1930 Publication DateFebruary 19, 1931 AssigneeTruck And Tractor Applianc Co IPCB60K 17/00
B60K 17/36
#3 2014-05-07 21:37
Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for the clarification you gave about my hubcap that seems to be pretty rare. Thank you too, Dennis.
#2 2014-05-07 13:53
hi mathieu
i collect threaded hubcaps and this cap has never came to my eyes i wish i could give you some information but i cant i have about a thousand diff names in my collection. dennis
#1 Mathieu Cuppens 2014-05-06 11:53
S.A Truck and Tractor Appliance Co
Rue Salvia - Vieille Barriére
Merxem - Anvers Belgium
Ade. Tél. " Tracktruck"
Kindly regards Mathieu Cuppens

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