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1920 Stephens Salient Six. A real barnfind!

This 1920 Stephens Salient Six model 86 has recently been saved after a long slumber. It is actually the only survivor in Sweden. In the early twenties it was used not far from the Arctic Circle by a mailman working for the Swedish Royal Mail  When the car was worn out he just drove it into the woods and left it there. Many years later it was rescued by a guy who assembled the car and actually drove it for a short period. Then the Stephens was put aside again and stored in a shed there it should remain for 40 years until I got the opportunity to buy it. All these years have been bad for the car. It was full of rat nests and even contained a dead bird.But today the Stephens car has got a new better home in my garage. Will start the restoration very soon. It has a giant six cylinder engine with overhead valves. The engine has a cubic capacity of 3,7 litres and develops an effect of 57 hp.This is a real car!    


#4 2016-03-25 20:11
GW Stephens was my GG Grandfather. My cousin is nearly finished restoring a 1922 model he bought in 2007. Good luck to you with that beautiful auto. I hope to see a photo posted when you're done!
#3 2015-07-21 08:44
I am still working on my Stephens. A lot of work as the car is real wreck. Need a better pinion and differential
#2 2015-02-25 01:09
Noticed your message February 25 2015. Sorry for the delay. Do you still want information?
#1 2014-12-16 01:49
I am interested in any info about this car you can give me. My uncle...Jerome "Romie" Strohacker owned a 1924 sedan. His car had never left Freeport Illinois in its life other than a few drives. Unfortunately Uncle Romie passed away last month but the car was put in good hands...not mine but I'm very happy. He is the reason I am in love with this Motor Car. Any info you would be willing to give me I would appreciate it. Thank You,
Stephen Strohacker

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