1920 Lincoln ? (UPDATE : Dodge!)

UPDATES by Rick Jorgensen, Bob Swanson and Tom Chaney all conclude the chassis belongs to an early twenties Dodge. Carleton Hughes adds: "It is a 4 cyl Dodge 1921-22 vintage as the steering column mounted spark & throttle controls show. Other obvious attributes are the unmistakeable high-crowned fenders, the rear 3/4 elliptics, the shape of the motor with the vacuum tank mounted atop it and the sliding or "fat man" steering wheel. It is well known Dodge also featured disc wheels in addition to Budd wire wheels and wood artilleries. The Lincoln "shocks" are simply period accessories and have no connection with the Lincoln Motor Company, Lincolns used Houdaille shock that were rather large." Thank you all! (photo courtesy David Rhine)
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Published: Thursday September 25th, 2003

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