A brand new Ford V8 for Miss Romania

Vlad Capotescu likes to share some images from the pre 'East-Block' era when Romania was not too different from any other European country. When they had nice cars and organised Miss elections. The winner of 1932 was also the proud winner of this brand new Ford V8. We understand Ford just had started a production line in Bucarest, so from a PR point of view the timing was perfect (we only found a 1936 photo of that factory). Despite the somewhat chilly weather... miss Liliana Delescu took the time to pose for publicity shots on the bonnet. When you click the image you will see the car was registered in Galati, possibly the hometown of Miss Liliana.

Published: Thursday January 19th, 2012


  • The Romanian Ford plant in Bukarest started production in 1936, so this '32 Deuce was still imported.
    more info (in German only):

    Romanian Ford V8 drivers were very successful in pre-war motorsport events. Petre Cristea together with Gogu Constantinescu and Ionel Zamfirescu won the 1936 Monte Carlo Rallye.

    Production in Bukarest continued until around 1940, afterwards (until around 1946) the plant was used as a vehicle and tank repair shop.
    Since 2008 Ford has a manufacturing footprint in Romania again, the assembly plant in now located in Craiova.

  • I trust here was no mascot on Miss Liliana's radiator. By the way, although those 'Miss' elections have rather gone out of favour in some countris they are still VERY popular in Romania. My friend George and I are both rather sad male chauvinists and remained glued to the TV set for the 'Romania's Next top Model' series which concluded only last week!

  • Ford have retained factories in Romania and assemble various models at Craiova, in the South West. Galati was and is a significant industrial centre. My good friend George Damian comes from Iasi, north of Galati, and a very beautiful city it is. He drives a Ford Fiesta he bought in Romania. Whether it was built there or nor I'm not sure, but it is a good car: he has covered 140,000 miles in it in three years!

  • It is a 1932 Ford V8. First year for the V8 and it looks like a Deluxe model.
    Didn't Bonny and Clyde do the same pose on their Ford V8??
    Manuel in Oz


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