A Model T meeting in the snow!


After 3 short months' working only on Thursday nights Ken and Paul Leblanc, with friends Chet, Pete and myself (mostly just looking on) had his 1926 Model TT Snowmobile ready for the Model T Ford Snowmobile Club meet. Saturday February 4th turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in Tamworth. Ken, Paul and myself had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends, Russel Nave came all the way from the Mojave Desert in southern California! We spent most of the day driving his snowmobile all over the farm making a day full of fond memories that will last a life time.

"Back in the day" these Snowmobile became an indispensable necessity for the anyone requiring dependable transportation during the cold snowy winter months.  Country doctors and rural mail carriers were the largest users of this type of vehicle.  In fact, when the father of President Calvin Coolidge died on March 18, 1926, a Model T Snowmobile led the Coolidge funeral procession over the snow-covered hills of Vermont.

Getting your Model T Ford out of the shed and started was no easy task it required a major effort! 1st jack up one rear wheel, next place the emergence brake lever all the way forward, pour boiling hot water into the radiator (these would make it easier to turn the crank). Trying to spin the flywheel magnets through oil as thick as molasses in the hogs-head would be easier after you drained the oil into a can the night before and set it on the cook stove to thin in out, but DON'T forget to put it back in before trying to start your Ford.

Words and photos by Warren Henderson

Published: Wednesday February 15th, 2017


  • Ok, this was about 1944, and when the car caught fire, he put it out by throwing snow on it. But, the fire cracked the distributer cap, and being during the war no parts were available. So, it sat there for at least a year maybe more. Mom (who's 84) said grandma was fit to be tied. We think it was his Packard, but maybe a Buick as he had two cars bout this time.

  • My grandfather was a real character. from working in the circus, (he ran away from home for that), to working on the Alcan highway and owning his own businesses, with only a rudimentary education. Now, where am I going? He would get his cars started in the Minnesota winters by lighting a coal fire under the oil pan! yes, it happened, though only once. he started the car on fire, luckily catching it before it burned the car up or worse, the house. To much work for him to drain it out and use the cook stove! he told me they did that on the equipment used on the Alcan, or else the trucks were kept running or they would never start again.....imagine having to do that today!


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