A stretching Bugatti girl

The girls of California love to stretch; sometimes a pole is not available. That`s why this time, she used a Bugatti Type 57 C of 1937 (#57664).
This photo was sent in by our Californian reporter, Peter Porsche. And was taken at the end of their monthly car gathering in Novato, called Cars and Coffee. A monthly early morning gathering of car aficionados at the local shopping centre, from 8 to about 10 am before the shoppers arrive. At the moment this photo was taken, most of the hundreds of cars had already left, and the Bugatti was 'abandoned' for a little while. On most occasions, there are around 300 to 400 cars of all makes and years that arrive for this short 2 hours gathering. All the cars of each month are photographed and can be seen on Flickr. Marin Cars and Coffee will bring up the times and info on this fun and interesting event. If you have made a similar photo of how a car can be used, please send it in >click here<

Published: Thursday August 10th, 2017


  • Can't say enough good things about the monthly Cars & Coffee in Novato (just north of San Francisco). Aside from cars like Peter's Bugatti, you'll see an incredible variety of interestng vehicles. A few months ago, I saw a Lamborghini Diablo parked alongside a Morris Minor van. Brilliant!


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