A very special Adler 6/25 h.p. in Germany

Wednesday August 2nd 2017), I had the pleasure to witness the start of the "Clärenore Stinnes Gedächtnisfahrt", a memorial run organized by the German Adler-Motor-Veteranen-Club (AVMC) to celebrate the famous trip around the world made by Miss Stinnes 90 years ago in an Adler "Standard 6".
The cars started at the Central Garage museum in Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt where the Adler motorcars were once built).
Among the participating cars was a very special Adler 6/25 h.p. pickup in "oily rag" condition. The  6/25 h.p. Adler was equipped with a conventional 1.9 litre sidevalve engine and was built from 1925 until 1927. It sold pretty well and was mostly bodied as a phaeton. The car in the attached photo was converted into a pickup before WW2 and has been left largely unchanged since then.
It appears to be one of the few surviving (and running) cars of its type. Even rarer is the "Adler Standard 6" of which probably a handful still exist today (the same is true for the more powerful Adler "Standard 8", one of which is currently on exhibition in the Central Garage).
Hence, no Standard 6 participates in the four-day memorial run covering several 100 kms, since spare parts for the engine are difficult to obtain. However, two Adler "Favorit" entered which are identical with the "Standard 6" apart from featuring a 35 h.p. four-cylinder engine.
Both cars (an early and a late version) can be seen in the attached pictures, as well. One of them still has its original paint and interior - it has spent almost all of its life since the early 1930s in the same family and is highly original in very respect.
Since there are Adler enthusiast all over the world, I thought that you would appreciate these photos.
A fellow enthusiast has made a short film about the gathering of the cars whidh can be viewed here

Text and photos by Michael Schlenger

Published: Saturday August 5th, 2017

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