About What is it quiz #457: Gladiator 12HP

No, not a Clément, but indeed a Gladiator, which most of the contestants had indicated. The complete and correct answer was given by Luc Ryckaert, who also knew that the photo was originally published in The Sketch. Shown here is a similar photo in Country Life, showing the 12 HP Gladiator tonneau from a different angle but with the same acting and singing beauties Marie Studholme, Ethel Sydney and Violet Lloyd. Luc also had heard some bells ringing on the whereabouts of Miss Cissie Roberts. The postcard was sent to Miss Roberts on the following address: The Ring of Bells, St. James Street in Taunton (a pub still in existence, by the way). We will probably never know if this Cissie Roberts was the same person as Cissie Roberts the Gifted Girl Preacher and Evangelist!

Anyway, the winner of the contest this time is Luc Ryckaert with all answers correct and winner of the bonus point, giving him the full 5 points. He is closely followed by Henk Visscher with 3 points, and for the rest, Robbie Marenzi and Alan Spencer gathered 2 points and Fritz Hegemann, Politi and Gerd Klioba 1 point.

So, this gives us the following top 5:
1. Gerd Klioba 21 points
2. Fritz Hegemann 17 points
3. Luc Ryckaert 16 points
4. Alan Spencer 14 points
5. Henk Visscher 13 points

Photo and quiz: Ariejan Bos  

Published: Friday November 10th, 2017

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