An Aprile mystery at Villa d'Este 2014

report and photos by Vincent Juvenelle:

Since 1929 the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este is arguably the ultimate concours for wonderful cars and fashion. This year, Maserati and Rolls Royce were the featured grande marques, the 'special categories'. Still the 'Coppa d'Oro' (winner of the public voting) went to the 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Aprile. Click the picture above for more detail of the outrageous body by Aprile di Savona made in 1938 according to public info. Yet according to the website of Aprile this prototype body was made in 1953... ("Contruito dalla Carrozeria Aprile il 07/05/1953 Alfa Romeo 1750; Prototipo SV 3710") So, what's the right year?
(UPDATE: we have contacted both Mr. Corrado Lopresto - owner of the car - and Carrozzeria Aprile who for sure can explain a bit further on this most intriguing coachwork)

In Class G (Maserati), the winner is the 1929 Maserati V4 Sport Zagato with an awesome 16 cylinder engine.  In the Class A (Rolls Royce), the winner is the 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II Boattail by Gurney Nutting. Amazing car, but there war no serious competition, except maybe from the 1908 Silver Ghost 'Roi des Belges'. To our disappointment there was only one pre-war french car : a 1937 Bugatti type 57 coach Gangloff.

In this very short summary we finally like to mention one automobile which was not in the concours but displayed by Maserati: the 1934 Maserati 6C 34 'Monoposto', 6cyl. 3700Cc with compressor and no less than 270 HP !       

Published: Monday May 26th, 2014


  • The Alfa was at The Warren last year. Unfortunately I didn't get any details.

  • I' m no expert, and I know these colours never come out properly, but shouldn't that Maserati be a darker rd, almost burgundy? Or was that just the Alfa Romeo pre-war? And should it not be on a circuit, not in a concours?


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