Icy Frazer Nashes

Having driven some 800-or-so Kilometres to the french Alps in our Frazer Nashes and GNs with plenty of adventure and a few breakdowns and fixes, the fourteen cars and their drivers and passengers headed to Flaine where the ‘Circuit Glace’ awaited them. Having screwed fifty ice studs from ‘Best Grip Power Stud’ into each tyre (new ones with 10mm of tread were supplied by Longstone Tyres) the gang assembled in the pits eager to see what racing on this very slippery surface would be like. The whole afternoon was filled with whoops and giggles as cars were sent out at intervals and were seen to be all over the track in a bid to tame their cars atop this ridiculously glassy course!

Most of us were spinning all over, losing our back ends (but this is a Frazer Nash attribute off-ice so we were all very comfortable with it) and occasionally facing the wrong way. As we commenced timed runs, the Marshalls opened up the full track to us as, adding an extra hairpin and an uphill section. There really were no winners or losers at this game as everyone was there for the amusement – of which there was an abundance. However, Richard Parsons in his GN (depicted above) did the quickest lap. The Same GN was driven by Louise Bunting – the Captain of the Frazer Nash Car Club who earned the title of 'Fastest Lady of the Day'. For anyone wondering whether to ice-race – you must; it’s possibly one of the most ridiculous and entertaining things to do.  (text & photos Liz Cawley)

First picture below: Team Frazer Nash fitting the studs into our tyres. Incidentally the snow studs needed a lot of tread depth to screw into, fortuna​tly probably the best classic and vintage tyre dealer in the world has just produced a 450X19 tyre with 10mm of tread depth.


Published: Saturday March 1st, 2014


  • "PIGLET " "PARKER" seem to be inseparable!Great event.

  • grahamrankin@btinternet.com

    Well done guys and gals---superb Raid and very sorry not to have been there---other snow commitments elsewhere on the planet ! Next time.................

  • What an astonishing experience should it be! Congratulations to all participants for this event!

  • Golly gosh I wish that I was younger [and was able to sort out the reliability of my G.N.] as I would love to go on an event like that. The images and video clips are great. What fun !


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